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July 31, 2007

Hint, Hint: “W” Still Relevant


First impression:  Looks like the entrance to Yellowstone Park.  But, then and again, when it comes to borrowing authority, there’s nothing original for this crew.  In comparison, it’s not like these guys; these boys; these; or you know who needed the signage … and the flags … and the other two guys doing their thing, though. 

(Oh, did I mention the helicopter?)

Kudos to Brown, by the way, for playing it straight for two days.

(image: Larry Downing/Reuters.  Camp David, outside of Thurmont, Maryland, July 30, 2007. via YahooNews.  Bush/Putin:Dennis Cook/AP. Sept. 27, 2003. via

  • Gahso

    It’s shameful that George Bush is still able to play President. He’s a Traitor. He’s a War Criminal. He stole two elections. He is a symbol for Torture. He started a unneccesary War with Lies. He let people in his country drown and die. He panders to the rich, steals from the poor.
    Rove will stick every presidential prop into every shot he can because once the tide of Truth finally crests, the only shots of Bush are going to be Saddam style pictures of criminal trials.

  • Decline To State

    There’s some bizarre Escheresque shenanigans going on here. Just a trick of focus? Bad Photoshop job?

  • ummabdulla

    I’m not sure exactly why, but to me, this picture has the feel of little boys playing. The lettering on the sign looks sort of childish, and the honor guard are like toy soldiers. And Bush and Brown look small.
    These are not the kind of pictures we usually see of Camp David. Usually it’s informal… short sleeves, no ties, jogging, watching football games – i.e., relaxation and recreation.

  • PTate in FR

    Interesting to watch how the person, George Bush, is being overshadowed by the symbols of The Presidency–the locations, the military toys, the flags.

  • nihil obstet

    Everything in the photo looks like toys — Bush and Brown look like little toy figurines, the setting looks like a toy train or doll house backdrop, the sailor and marine look like toy figures from a differently-scaled set of figures. It’s the strange angle that does it.

  • Blake Incarnate

    Everything about W. has been a prop, a phony device to create an image of authority and substance that does not exist otherwise.
    As for Gordy Brown “playing it straight”, to me he was playing the fool, on multiple levels, starting with that white knuckle ride in the golf cart. Ending with those gratutious comments regarding Britians support for the Iraq and W.’s war on terrorism. Like everyone who meets the interpersonal intimidator eye-to-eye, Gordy blinked.
    This shot represents a very, very sad minaturization of America by this puny puppet bureaucrat we are forced, but ashamed to call ‘president’.

  • Doctor Jay

    These days Bush’s expression looks faked. Fake smile, very forced. Maybe thats why we see so few closeups. This plays out in the photograph in the first link. And in the one posted on TPM today of the Bushes welcoming Ted Stevens and wife to the White House is similar. Bush looks like a little boy who would rather be off playing with his toys, but who is forced to dress up and “be nice”.
    That is a fantastic photograph of JFK and Kruschev, by the way. Very immediate, and with a strong sense of personality and the moment.

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