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July 28, 2007

By Tint Of Unraveling


I’m sure there have been plenty of opportunities to capture Rove in a similar hue.  If so, why the present glow?

The answer likely has to do with the harsh reality suddenly shining through the veneer.  Although Rove is scrupulous about always appearing optimistic, he is captured here — during Prez’s speech to the American Legislative Exchange Council last Thursday in Philadelphia — as lost in his head.  With an assist from the visual effect, one could easily see how the failed architect, despite the front, has got to be blue.

And, on the same day Rove was subpoenaed by the Judiciary Committee for his role in the federal prosecutor scandal, the visual extends the story line.  Beyond just presenting in a negative light, the operative nearly comes off as radioactive.

h/t: macsuperg1rl

(Larry Downing/Reuters.  Philadelphia, July 26, 2007. via YahooNews.)

  • Mad_nVT

    Turd Blossom’s got the Blues.
    The whole Bush Administration is radioactive.
    Hard to know which is the most radioactive: Turd Blossom, Darth Cheney, Gonzo or Bubble-Boy Bush.
    They need to be decommissioned.
    Or perhaps better to put them all on stage with the Republican hopefuls.

  • donna

    “Stop. Wait. Come Back…”
    “Violet, you’re turning violet!”

  • Gasho

    When Rove’s in the audience and Bush is speaking, isn’t Rove essentially listening to his own sh*t himself?
    As distracted as Rove might appear, the rest of the audience is obscured, out of focus or sleeping. In other words, the wizards words aren’t reaching anyone.
    The visual melding of Rove with whoever is behind him makes his hair look very long and unruly – which begs the phrase “long in the tooth” – which in turn suggests “lame duck”, “out to pasture”, “washed up” etc etc.
    How could W possibly put on a good show in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the constitution? Speaking of… Rove looks an aweful lot like Ben Franklin in this shot – but an evil Franklin in the modern age – his doppelganger, perhaps? Ben was known for honesty, ingenuity, constructive creativity, the welfare of men and the nation. Karl is known for dirty tricks, lying, stealing elections, propaganda, subverting the rule of law, secrecy, and sacraficing the good of the nation for the political career of a murderous traitor.

  • Dunc

    Gasho hints at something important: Rove looks like he’s watching TV in this picture. The photo seems to physically isolate him (not part of a crowd, not seen with other Bush aides, as typical) to demonstrate his marginalization. No longer the man behind the curtain, he’s become the man in front of the movie screen, now under the direction/control of someone new.

  • Aunt Deb

    Those are empty chairs in front of him and the man beside him is both leaning away from him and sleeping. It might be the end times.

  • bob

    Rove looks sleepy too. Like even he is disinterested at this point. Looks drowsey like he can barely keep his eyes open

  • margaret

    Gasho, Rove doesn’t resemble Franklin, at all. Franklin had that Enlightenment Smile, hovering around his lips at all times, even when serious, and his face had character. Rove smiles, but the Cheshire Cat type, although that certainly isn’t in evidence here.
    Who were these people being “lectured to” in Philadelphia? And why is the audience so small? What is the Legislative Exchange Council? What does this mean? What was the content of the speech? The Constitution? Eh? What’s that? Eh?

  • margaret

    The answer to my questions, above:
    Google says it’s devoted to Jeffersonian principles, limited government (ahem), free trade, blah, blah, blah.

  • arizonaTOM

    isn’t it said that after people die they turn blue?
    this creep looks like he’s from another planet, like something the crew on the Starship Enterprise might encounter in another galaxy!

  • Steve

    Blue is also symbolic of royalty. The blue hue could be the intense glare of the monarchy he’s assisted in crafting. This is not a weak image.

  • Unbreathless

    Could blue not also be meant to make him appear more Liberal?
    I know in America for some reason Red is Republican and Blue is Democrat. It’s the exact opposite here in Canada, as well as in Great Britain. So while he looks more liberal in America, simply by colour coding, his country’s allies, he is coded as very Conservative.

  • Northern Observer

    He’s tainted the movement he serves.
    The source of the infection.

  • The Conservative Deflator

    God, he looks like shit! Oh that’s right – he is shit!

  • warroirhawkwolf

    He is turning blue because of the ice water that runs through his veins. The color blue also is associated with being cold,or in this case cold hearted.After all, he is one of the coldest,indifferent,underhanded scumbags from back in the days of ronnie and poppy shrub.

  • readytoblowagasket

    Another one bites the dust: Rove is resigning at the end of August.

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