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June 7, 2007

If Climate Change Politics Keeps Up This Face, We’re All Going To Burn


(click for full sense of some cheap  dynamics)

Props to ThinkProgress for observing how the U.S. media was completely steamrollered last week by the Administration’s “non-shift” on climate change.  Now, regarding this morning’s G-8 preview, could someone please send a search party to LA Times H.Q. to find some kind of backbone?

Bush seeks to mediate on climate change

Ahead of G-8 summit, he says U.S. can be a bridge between states who want action now and nations that need persuading.

… I mean, did Karl himself write this headline and subhead?

What was more perplexing, however, was the lead-off image accompanying the lead-off G-8 piece at today’s NYT.  If the headline (“At Group of 8 Meeting, Bush Rebuffs Germany on Cutting Emissions”) hews closer to reality, what’s going on with that picture?

Fortunately, we run into one of those cases where the article speaks directly to the pic.  Here’s the clip:

The theme of the meeting is “growth and responsibility in the global economy,” but by Wednesday, it was apparent that the biggest rift will revolve around climate change.

After lunch with Mr. Bush, Mrs. Merkel seemed to concede — without explicitly saying so — that her plan was off the table.

“There are a few areas here and there we will continue to work on,” she said, standing side by side with the president outside an elegant white castle on the grounds of the Kempinski Grand Hotel. When Mr. Bush turned to her and said he has “a strong desire to work with you” on the issue, the chancellor pursed her lips.

Say what?

Do you see any protest, resistance or even reservation here?  What I read, and it’s essentially the same damn gesture the submissive media continues to signal to the suave and charming natural successor to Ronald Reagan Bush, is:

Sure honey, whatever you want.”

(image: Jim Young/Reuters.  Rostock, Germany, June 6, 2007.  caption:  President Bush with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in the German town of Heiligendamm, at the start of the Group of 8 meeting)

  • sj martin

    Here is a pic from the Globe and Mail that gives another view of Bush and Merkel’s interaction.

  • Blake Incarnate

    Schmoosed, and then scammed. She is too smart not to see through this dog and pony show but like literally every other leader in America and the world, (my friend Vladimer) she is helpless in her attempt to influence The Master Manipulator.
    Many have tried. Who can you name that has succeded?

  • tina

    oh well, Merkel…you have to remember that as German Minister of the Environment she once told the press that her favorite way to relax was to take a long Sunday drive in the country! This stirred up no small amount of criticism among the environmentally conscious Germans. They don’t view her as sincere on this issue, though of course, nobody could outdo Bush. And she is CDU, after all.

  • Mellifluous

    “…between states who want [a]action now and nations that [b]need persuading.”
    That would be [a] the world and [b] us.

  • George

    NYT’s other story about the G8 meeting, “Bush Defends Climate and Missle Plans”, has a wonderfully telling photo–while the other four leaders are engaged with each other (or at least make the pretense), Bush sits uncomfortably in his own shell, teetering perilous to the right. “I will not be moved.” (Unless I just fall over?)

  • Megan

    Wow, look how tense she is in his presence, shoulders all up her back like that. Lady needs a massage.

  • PTate in FR

    Bush is so aggressive in his body non-verbals. The man is the perpetrator-in-charge. He leans in to Merkel, smooth as silk, “You want to see my climate change, baby?”
    …and the irony, the hypocrisy, of Bush saying the US could mediate on climate change! The only consolation is that nothing will come of it. Headlines today, tomorrow, we’ll be on to something else.

  • Doctor Jay

    Many have tried. Who can you name that has succeded?
    Osama bin Laden.

  • Asta

    Isn’t Europe and Russia experiencing unseasonable temperatures? As in way too hot?
    The sky in this photo looks hazy, hot, suffocating. Not blue with fluffy white clouds, just grey, grey, grey. Even the shadows are muted.

  • readytoblowagasket

    President Bush said: “So my proposal is this: By the end of next year, America and other nations will set a long-term global goal for reducing greenhouse gases. To help develop this goal, the United States will convene a series of meetings of nations that produce most greenhouse gas emissions, including nations with rapidly growing economies like India and China.”
    Translation: By the end of next year, the U.S. will do its utmost to force India and China into buying oil from American oil companies in Iraq, and pass the so-called global warming crisis on to the next administration.

  • Mark E. Gabriel

    The highlight of this image is Merkel’s open, wave-like right hand, sort of striking an European insouciance in dealing with this intruding Texan buffoon.

  • sab

    Bush left Barney at home, unlike Putin who sicced his overly possesive labrador retriever on Merkel.

  • mona

    This exact shot was taken (BBc footage) after his initial statement was translated in German. Bush turned to Merkel (full charm ahead) and asked, Is this what I said? At which point she shrugged with the I guess so. If you can’t club them, charm them -

  • Karen

    I am always struck by her body language around Bush. Almost as if she is repulsed and anticipating an unwanted touch.

  • lowly grunt

    Karen, I agree. It looks like she is anticipating something even worse than the surprise neckgrab. Look at her LEEEEEEEAAAAANNNNN away from him. While he LEEEEAAAANNNNNSsss into her. Jerk.

  • dancinfool

    Bush seeks to mediate on climate change….
    … I mean, did Karl himself write this headline and subhead?

    At first I thought Karl Rove couldn’t possibly have written that headline. Then I realized the word wasn’t “medicate.”

  • Rafael

    “I know nothing! NOTHING!”

  • Chris in Sacto

    The majority of photos I saw from this meeting were of Merkel & Bush not making eye contact or Bush looking past her to look at Putin. In other photos she tried to get his attention, but only in a crowd, clearly she’s uncomfortable when they’re alone. She has a battered wife stance, as if she’s anticipating another unwarranted massage. Bush had intestinal problems, his hand covers his abdomen.

  • differentdrummer

    Proposed caption: Please, George. I’ve told my bodyguards to break out the pepper spray if you do that again.

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