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May 8, 2007

The Queen, Bush, And Truman, Too! : An Unforgettable Wartime Evening

(image 1, 5, 6, 8. 9: Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP.image 2, 4, 11: Evan Vucci/AP.  image 3, 10: Jason Reed/Reuters.  image 7: Yuri Gripas/Reuters.  May 6, 2007.  image 12: Charles Dharapak/A.P. All images May 6/7, 2007. Washington. ViaYahooNews.)

  • Al

    I don’t think Bush “forgot” Iraq at all. His speech welcoming the Royals to the White House was all about how the two countries share the same “values” especially pertaining to the war on terror, which he mentions is being fought in “Baghdad” and “Kabul.”
    Video here:

  • jessica

    and look at how they are suffering more than any of the soldiers families…

  • Kitt

    All right, I’m sorry. But the crown (tierra, diamond-studded thingie) was a little over the top for me.
    - Laura (aka Pickles)

  • Gasho

    Bush cheapens everything by his mere presence. I’m surprised the queen allowed herself to be associated with him. All I see now is ‘war monger’ and ‘war criminal’ when I see him. It’s like a bad smell and he can dress in his fancy clothes all he wants – he can’t shake it.

  • donna

    You can dress up a chimp in white tie – but it still looks like a chimp.

  • Robin Farley

    I agree with Kitt. I am surprised that the Queen actually deigned to be in the same frame as Bush or (earlier in Jamestown) Cheney. I saw in the media several times that this was the first super formal (“white tie”) dinner in the White House since 2001. Does anyone know if that is really unusual? I suspect it is but don’t have proof. I have noticed that there are a lot fewer state dinners anymore. As a DC area resident, we get to read in the Post a recap of all the details whenever there is a state dinner. Always something I wanted to get invited to (once the Democrats are back in power).

  • margaret

    I think the expressions of the faces in photo #25, where they are sitting and listening to a concert(?) gives the whole boring thing away. Laura looks as if she is in pain, and only the Prince seems to enjoy what’s happening. He’s used to pomp [his wife's] and circumstance [his long-time secret German mistress, which makes it all so bearable]. Bush has his smirk on. Oy veh! Won’t someone clean this house out, soon?
    Oh, I forgot, there’s a war on. Please excuse me.

  • Chaddeous

    I love these photo albums. Very engaging!
    Gasho raises a good question about the friggin’ queen of England meeting with bush. I mean, I can almost see it happening a year or two after nine eleven, but now? What the hell is the point? They all just look confused.
    Come to think of it, maybe confusion is george bush’s best weapon.

  • lytom

    How would those photos and speeches impress the ordinary citizens of Iraq? WOW the white tie dinner!
    Invited Queen, with no qualms, shaking hands with the war criminal…
    Planning wife, so proud of the work her servants done, yet undisturbed by the dire poverty and deaths in Iraq – a direct cause of the occupation by US.
    Rest of the guests, with blood stains on their souls, who did not want to miss meeting the Queen.
    Seems like all is well in the kingdom and the empire.
    Rotten smell and death is in Iraq! while the feast goes on.
    …and meanwhile during the course of the visit, we learn, child mortality in Iraq has increased 125%!
    Who will speak for the children?

  • jtfromBC

    We know E II’s authority is only ceremonial, thus
    >> as only a *ceremonial war criminal* she must be comfortable shaking hands with a wide range of criminals.
    >> as her grandparents were old hands at messing about in foreign lands, returning to Iraq for a third go, could not have been that strange for her.
    >> as silence in political matters is part of the job description, this rule would have saved her from stating that “500,000 children were worth the price of sanctions” – Madlin Albright on Iraq.
    >> as the ceremonial head of the Canadian army she maintained appropriate silence as Canada recently assisted in overthrowing the legitimate government of Haiti.
    >> knowing that George Bush’s granddaddy and her uncle King Edward V III admired the III Reich did she feel some special kinship when being entertained by Prescott’s awkward grandson.
    >> as ‘Defender Of The Faith’ she may understand W talking directly to and taking instructions from God.
    I’ll stop here, but with empires there’s always a war goin on, doncha know.

  • ummabdulla

    The Queen doesn’t have much choice in whether or not to meet a Bush or a Cheney (what a way to ruin a trip to Jamestown). Her speeches are written by the Foreign office, aren’t they? She’s doing her duty – for which she is amply rewarded. And she’s from the older generation, so we’re probably not going to read what she thinks of all the people she meets.
    I’m just watching a clip of their British Embassy dinner on the BBC. He does look like an idiot next to the Queen.
    Americans like the British royalty, don’t they? I used to think that it was just about the only royal family still around. Since I moved overseas, though, I see reports all the time about the royal families of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. There are still a LOT of them! When some European prince gets married, members of all the royal families all over the world show up for the wedding, because they all seem to stick together.
    My kindergartener did a little presentation for Prince Charles when he visited a mosque here a few months ago. They do travel around a lot as representatives of the UK, and I guess they do their jobs pretty well. But the younger generations – of the family and of the public – just aren’t the same, so I wonder if they’ll have to go the way of other European royalty.

  • Lee

    I think the Queen met with Bush as a favor to our country. She knows that our country is an important and respected ally of her own. So despite our having elected a doofus President she is still going to meet with him as a gesture of goodwill toward our country.
    What really sucks is to think that Bush represents US (whether we voted for him or not).

  • Duncan

    “So despite our having elected a doofus President she is still going to meet with him as a gesture of goodwill toward our country.”
    It could of course be worse. Instead of an elected doofus, we have a pair of doofi; one the Duke of Edinburgh who does sterling work promoting Britain via his oafish stuck-in-the-19th-century causal rascism, the other the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, a bibbling dauphin whose self-perceived raison d’etre is the promotion of pseudoscience (it must be better; it says organic on the label) and the most weak-kneed kind of multiculturalism. And how do they afford such tiaras? British tax dollars, that’s right. Useless, unelected spongers.
    You get rid of Bush in a year and a half. We probably won’t get rid of these buggers for another half century. Don’t go giving the Queen an easy ride, folks.

  • tina

    here, here, Duncan!
    Well said.
    Most Americans are shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear that not all Brits love their monarchy unconditionally.

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