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May 12, 2007

If It's (Electoral) Curtains For Pro-Life, You Could Have Showed Me!


This is the photo the NYT chose to mark one of the most momentous political developments in years???

Let’s not repeat the mistake and confuse the message with the messenger.  If you had told me even six weeks ago that one of the leading ’08 Republican Presidential contenders would be coming out for (quoting the article headline) “Abortion Rights,” I would have said you were watching too much Jon Stewart.

This is not about Rudy, however, who this time last year, was still doing what every Republican sap was doing.  It’s about the fact that the Christian right has officially lost its status as the American political system’s sacred cow.

But then, what’s with that abomination for a pic?

“And now for my next act!”

“Did you ever hear the one about…”

“I can’t see!  I can’t see!  Please someone help me, I CAN’T SEE!”

“Could you all hold on a minute?  I’m getting a call from my manager.”

You know what I think went down here?

Perhaps a pussyfooting NYT got so freaked out that a public voice was actually calling it like it is that they killed the words for the stage, then shrank and blunted Rudy (that Red!) as much as was visually possible.

(image: Paul Zoeller/Associated Press.  April 2007. Texas A&M University.

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