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May 31, 2007

Fellating Rudy


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Guiliani’s authoritarian shtick which begins with bashing New York and New Yorkers ends by offering the right wing what they want much, much, more than they want romney’s soft version. They *want* to be dominated by a strong man who despises them.  aimai

Just when you thought there was no way to ratchet up the fear factor any further, now Bush and Rudy have started threatening INDIVIDUALS and their children…”They’re a threat to your children, David”; “It’s (terrorism) a threat to your children, Jim”; “They will kill YOU for baring your arms in public”. These people are not only shameless and cheap, they are cowards.  dave

He’s the perfect post-theocrat GOP candidate: Strom Thurmond meets Mussolini — throwing The Other off a train that runs on time.  Davis X. Machina

In line with Digby’s apoplexy over Monday’s fawning NYT Guiliani piece, I was admiring the accompanying photograph.  In juxtaposition with these comments from Digby’s thread, all I can think of (in light of scary teeth; 9/11-era lapel pin; steely looking lady; those aren’t Russian letters, are they?) is:

Disarm, disarm, disarm.

(h/t: Mark image: Toby Talbot/AP. published  May 29, 2007. caption: Rudolph W. Giuliani getting a laugh from a comment by Winifred Stearns, left, at a campaign stop last week in White River Junction, Vt.)

  • Karen

    Seems to me the letters on the bus read:
    I don’t if philosophical or political orientation led me to be repulsed by Guiliani from the outset, but nothing I’ve seen about him since has changed my take. Just a different version of the same old thing: the badges and emblems of leadership dressed up in a tailored suit.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    I was walking along a path with two friends—the sun was setting—suddenly the sky turned blood red—I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence—there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city—my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety—and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.
    Edvard Munch

  • mugatea

    I second Gonzo.
    Bag could draw some hands up on the side of his face, and we’d be Munch’n. Altho, Booty Guiliani looks to be a lot more on the happy side of life … hash and eggs for breakfast, perhaps?

  • BSG

    Rudy obviously appreciates McCain’s new fright wig.

  • donna

    Just what we need – another GOP idiot who laughs at our concerns.
    “Who cares what you think?”

  • Kitt

    A thug dressed up in a tailored suit is still a thug.
    “Right now, as we sit here enjoying breakfast, they are planning on coming here to kill us,” he warns them. “I don’t blame people for not getting it before 9/11. But I do blame people who don’t get it now.”
    Nothing has changed since 9/11 – nothing – in the way they infer.
    We, the United States, have changed the tenor because we were attacked by ’someone’ and by whom some of us are still unsure. WE have made the world more unsafe by our over-machoized response. We had the frickin’ world in our POCKET. We could have changed the interactions of the world. Nope – and we know the rest of the story.
    Their bullshit just irritates the fuck outa me. If these goddamned terrorists are gunning for us, then how come there were not more such attacks, and why weren’t they unceasing? Because no one is. I’ve traveled the world extensively. No one gives (or at least gave a shit) where I’m from and most had no intention of doing me any more harm than taking my money for some overcharged or overpriced crap. I’m just so sick of the lies…..from liars…..and thugs.
    As Guiliani says here: As for terror, “I understand terrorism in a way that is equal to or exceeds anyone else.” Because he and this administration do all they can to promote it, to keep the lie alive.
    And, BTW – does Rudy wear dentures?

  • Kitt

    Oh, and in case we needed, like – proof – here’s something quite interesting.

    The United States is among the least peaceful nations in the world, ranking 96th between Yemen and Iran, according to an index of 121 countries.

    (The homeland of my grandfather, Norway, is first. He’d be smug….for just a second, just for a second.)

  • Victor F

    I see what you’re saying, Gonzo.
    The cartoonist in me sees Rudy in the next frame chowing down on somebody’s brain with those big old teeth, insisting it’s for their good because he knows as well or better than they do that they weren’t really using that brain. “Oh, Rudy, you’re not going to wait for permission, are you? You get my vote!”

  • Rafael

    Fight terror the Rudy way!
    Lock suspects in police station bathrooms and sexually assault them with batons.
    Make sure your officer are well armed and fire multiple times so that at least 36 bullets hit a passerby who merely was trying to show them his wallet.
    Need I go on?

  • marc sobel

    why did you choose this photo instead of the one a second later when he sinks his fangs into the Old Russian Ladies neck?

  • readytoblowagasket

    Re: scary teeth
    I think Giuliani has gingival recession from overaggressive brushing.
    I don’t find the NYT article “fawning.” I think it is weirdly intimate about Giuliani’s physical appearance, but it is weirdly intimate about everyone’s physical appearance. Otherwise, it uses about 5 pretty un-fawning horse’s-mouth quotes all on the first page. And, the image is definitely not flattering.
    The problem with the article is that it fails to mention that Giuliani can be a compelling and likable public speaker. That’s why audiences grow to like him. That the article fails to mention this tells me that the writer hates Giuliani. The writer never actually describes Rudy as genuinely likable.
    But my read is that of a New Yorker reading about a controversial New Yorker. Yes, the NYT loves Rudy. It also loves Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart, Al Sharpton, George Steinbrenner, Woody Allen, Harry Belafonte, Mike Tyson, George Carlin, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Moore, and Hillary, too. It’s not an endorsement.

  • putnam

    What a fiendish howl.
    This is supposed to illustrate the good new Rudy?
    It looks totally evil, and as fake as his mighty teeth.

  • Rafael

    I hope he did not forget his fava beans….

  • southy

    All the better to eat you up with.

  • John Hoffman

    Rudy looks EXACTLY like Max Headroom! I need an audio feed to be sure.

  • tina

    Max Headroom would look about like that these days. John, you’ve dated yourself. Just when I thought I was free to forget the 80’s. Very funny though.

  • Sharon

    Anyone else here notice the resemblance to another famous, clownish autocrat?

  • stevelaudig

    those look like TR [teddy roosevelt] teeth.

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