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May 31, 2007

Fellating Rudy


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Guiliani’s authoritarian shtick which begins with bashing New York and New Yorkers ends by offering the right wing what they want much, much, more than they want romney’s soft version. They *want* to be dominated by a strong man who despises them.  aimai

Just when you thought there was no way to ratchet up the fear factor any further, now Bush and Rudy have started threatening INDIVIDUALS and their children…”They’re a threat to your children, David”; “It’s (terrorism) a threat to your children, Jim”; “They will kill YOU for baring your arms in public”. These people are not only shameless and cheap, they are cowards.  dave

He’s the perfect post-theocrat GOP candidate: Strom Thurmond meets Mussolini — throwing The Other off a train that runs on time.  Davis X. Machina

In line with Digby’s apoplexy over Monday’s fawning NYT Guiliani piece, I was admiring the accompanying photograph.  In juxtaposition with these comments from Digby’s thread, all I can think of (in light of scary teeth; 9/11-era lapel pin; steely looking lady; those aren’t Russian letters, are they?) is:

Disarm, disarm, disarm.

(h/t: Mark image: Toby Talbot/AP. published  May 29, 2007. caption: Rudolph W. Giuliani getting a laugh from a comment by Winifred Stearns, left, at a campaign stop last week in White River Junction, Vt.)

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