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April 15, 2007

Jim Johnson

The cruelest, most shattering experience I could imagine in life is the loss of a child.

Jim Johnson, author of the excellent blog, Notes on Politics, Theory and Photography, has been an inspiration, a support and a source of encouragement.  With his knowledge of the photographic field and his depth in the area of visual theory, I’ve considered Jim a partner in picturing and building out the territory for social, documentary and media visuals in the political neighborhood of the blogosphere.

It is impossible to say what effect his tragedy will have on his blog, as it seems even callous to consider the point right now.  No matter what, Jim’s voice has been an important one to me, I consider it still to be, and I wish to lend mine toward his spirit and comfort.

  • Mona

    Nothing can prepare anyone for a tragedy like this. Thank you Michael for including this in today’s post. Jim and his family are very brave to make the decisions they have. I will hold them in my thoughts -

  • mugatea

    Jeff’s happiness and love for life is evident in his photo.
    Nice words Jim scribed. I don’t know how he can type at this time.
    Peace to Jim, his family, and Jeff’s friends.

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