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April 28, 2007

Cheney: Another Day, Another Mugging




These pics have been lingering on the newswire for a couple of weeks now.  Talk about co-branding.

In contrast to putting the heat on Cheney, or maintaining what, by any other standard, might be called media independence, CBS taped a lame interview with Cheney about Iraq, the surge and the lead up to war (employing the usual method — decent questions with just the pretense of follow up), then launched these images into the media space.  As a “one-day” program promo between taping and air time, the pics have one logic.  As they continue to circulate, now two weeks after air time, however, the pics have a whole different read.

The look (and smell), at this point, is that the network is desperately sucking up (like they have to try?) and that, on his end, Cheney (channeling Ed McMahon and proving he can smile … for a price) is more than happy to bank some credit as a pitchman.

(image: Karin Cooper: AP/CBS Face The Nation. Washington, Saturday, April 14, 2007. Via YahooNews)

  • tekel

    Yeah, but six months from now, do you think that’s the kind of co-branding that “Face the Nation” is going to want?
    “We gave a flattering blowjob-esque interview to the only Vice President of the United States who has been convicted of treason! And we had a good laugh with him, becuase he throws a great cocktail party with taxpayers’ money. CBS News. We’ll tell you what to think.”

  • MonsieurGonzo

    Face the Nation
    Face the Nation
    Face the Nation
    …and he never looks ME = US in the face.

  • jtfromBC

    Every time Cheney opens his mouth its a mugging, from the CBS interview,
    “And we’ve got millions of people in that part of the world who have signed on to fight the good fight, people like **President Musharraf** in Pakistan and *Karzai* in Afghanistan and hundreds of thousands who have signed on with the security services, millions who voted, all based on the proposition that the United States is going to lead the way in conducting this fight against this evil ideology”
    Oh yeh and Bob’s your uncle or a displaced brother.

  • zenyenta

    OK, he CAN smile, but it doesn’t look quite human, does it?

  • rapier

    If there weren’t strict ground rules for this appearance I’d would be shocked. It isn’t like this is Rush’s show after all.
    Well what can CBS do? Russert and NBC were branded as White House guys in the Libby trial and one has to catch up.
    I wonder what made Cho pick the NBC brand?

  • ice weasel

    Well, on one hand, I’m sure it would difficult in many corporate environments to not be seen as “branding”. It’s no surprise that the walls at CBS are covered with CBS logos and that cheney was handed a mug with the show’s logo. Anymore than I would be surprised to see unca dick chugging from a coke can if he was visiting coca-cola. Or any company.
    And with that said, I hope, as someone pointed out above, that this ends hanging around their neck like a depleted uranium albatross. CBS deserves no less and likely, much more.

  • janedoe

    Fwiw, Bob Somerby, David Rossie, Eric Boehlert, and many others have documented Bob Schieffer’s personal loyalty to Bush for years. It’s also not hard to imagine Schieffer’s loyalty to the administration when the president makes his brother, Tom, an ambassador, first to Australia, then to Japan.
    CBS = Cheney-Bush Syndicate.
    In this case, the pictures are finally showing hints of the conservative bias that has been apparent in words and actions for quite some time.

  • Tom

    Really no different than the NBC logos on all those pics of the Virginia Tech shooter, execpt Big Time is responsible for a much larger number of senseless deaths.

  • tdeer

    Dick Cheney, the most corrupted politician in the American history. Using his position of a vice president, he used Bush’s obsession of waging the war in Iraq to benetfit his greed and fatten his wealth with the jump in all stocks he has with oil companies or Halibutton and so many other stocks that you and I, ordinary citizens, would never know.
    He has been a driving force in starting an unjust war, an architect in falsifying our intelligence to mislead the nation, the congress, even his own comrade Collin Powell who was cautious( perhaps against) this administration’s hasty decision to invade Iraq.
    Not only he is destroying the image of USA we have long been proud of with our values of liberty and the leading democratic country in the world, but he is also betraying our men and women who serve our country in military, in intelligence communities by sending them to Iraq or exposing the identity of our CIA operative in order to silence her husband’s opposition to this war. His victims are not only those who died for the war in Iraq, but also the civilians who were fired, reassigned or “voluntary!!!” retired for their dissent view against this administration and its foreign and domestic policies.
    As an ordinary citizen, I don’t think I am the only one who has this view, but also many others may have but don’t want to say it out loud.
    I wonder if he could dare to face a debate with an ordinary citizen like me, never mind with Sen.Gravel or Rep.Dennis Kucinich.
    This greedy,unethical and immoral man is dangerous to the beloved America our founding fathers had and have built for hundreds of years. He should be impeached and removed from his office.
    As for myself, I would never let this scumbag set foot into my house, or his name mentioned during our family dinner.

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