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April 26, 2007

Bush In A Box


Bush can do all the A he wants (in other words, the typical distraction maneuvers and the feigned compassion thing) (as most recently demonstrated by yesterday’s song-and-dance in the White House bunker Rose Garden), but no amount of A, at this point, can really change the subject from B, which is that Bush’s feet are being held to the fire by Good Cop C and Bad Cop D (1, 2), and no matter what he tries does these days, he’s just looks that much more daft (1, 2) or bullheaded — and boxed in.

(Image: From April 18th White House meeting on Iraq.  “No Solution in Sight as Bush and Lawmakers Discuss Iraq Spending Measure”link. Doug Mills/New York Times. Linked image 1: “A” –Jason Reed/Reuters. Washington April 25, 2007. via YahooNews;  Linked image 2: Reid/Cheney from” Bush and Cheney Chide Democrats on Iraq Deadline”link.  Doug Mills/NYTimes. April 25, 2007.  Washington.;  Linked image 3: Tipp City: Larry Downing/Reuters. Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City, Ohio April 19, 2007. caption: U.S. President George W. Bush gestures while Tipp City Chamber of Commerce President Emeritus Steve Brun picks up the microphone before speaking about the Bush administration’s “Global War on Terror.”)

  • marysz

    Bush is sure in a snit in the picture above. Pelosi has a glass of water and a cup of coffee(?) on the table in front of her. Bush and Reid couldn’t even be bothered with these formalities. Bush has that look on his face that little kids get when they’re on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum. Pelosi and Reid are the mean mommy and daddy who won’t let Junior have his way.
    As for the spectacle George and Laura made of themselves with the West African dance troupe . . . think of how suavely Bill Clinton would have handled this ceremony. Bush was over-compensating here like crazy. In reality, he was furious that he had to share a physical space with “those people.” And he had to do it right after visiting a charter school in Harlem. Life is so unfair. As for Laura, I don’t know. She does take a certain superficial interest in Africa.

  • PTate in FR

    Pelosi and Reid look like US marshalls. From the way Bush is holding his hands, I expect to see handcuffs.

  • Bob Vance

    Great. Thanks for giving me the mental image of the polar opposite of the SNL short Dickinabox.

  • Victor F

    Bush looks frustrated and impatient. Pelosi looks like she has her hands on a checkbook. Bush won’t accept a check that has withdrawal from Iraq tied to it, and Pelosi won’t write one that doesn’t. A pity for Bush, who must be so used to getting the money he asks for.

  • NoContest

    and shrub is what, gonna change now and agree to a pullout. He would rather lose all 128,000. Stalemate on the bill – Dems pass, shrub veto’s. Round 2 is ___?

  • Daniel Humphries

    Wow. You are totally right! Pelosi and Reid HAVE been playing Good Cop/Bad Cop.

  • jtfromBC

    Definitly boxed in, is Mr B
    C = Firm and fervent, a friendly female facilitator.
    B = Fuming and furtive, the fraudlent flippant fool.
    D = Fixed and fair, a fastidious formidable foe.

  • dontkillwhitey

    Carrying the good cop/bad cop analogy, I propose we nickname Harry Reid “Spicowicz” and Nancy Pelosi “Simone.”

  • dontkillwhitey

    Sorry, “Sipowicz.”
    I swear I can usually spell.

  • ummabdulla

    Bush is looking down at the table; Reid is looking sideways at Bush, Pelosi seems to be looking at something across the table, and the guys in the back look uncomfortable. Nobody’s happy, and nobody’s making eye contact. Pelosi has closed her file and put both hands on top of it; she’s finished. Bush is angry but knows he can’t do anything to change the situation. It must be a shock after years of being able to get what he wanted, with not much effort.

  • lowly grunt

    I see the good cop/ bad cop imagery, but does anyone else see teenager caught joyriding with pot in the car and Mom and Dad talking to the arresting officer about their wayward son?

  • Pro49ers

    Meanwhile the fighting and killing goes on, fuelled by US presence.
    Demos want to make it perfectly clear the responsibility is entirely on the GOP.

  • Tempest

    The guy sitting against the wall-his expression is priceless!!!!! (I know he thinking ’shhhhhhiiiiiitttt’

  • J R

    Bullplop!! Our Democratic congressional leaders CAVED!! BOO!!! I’M QUITTING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

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