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April 13, 2007

At The Grand Canyon (Between Bush And Reality)



Could the gap get any wider? 

(…And the non-rhetorical answer is — bet on it.)

The first shot shows Bush on Monday trying to merge with “happy” Marines in Arizona.  (In the increasingly “hard work” of manufacturing a “happy face” world, this image is informed by this one — of a momentarily grumpy-faced Bush at an immigration “reform” event that same day as Prez looks to unload an audience member’s camera on an aide for more digital happiness.)

The second shot — also same day — captures soldiers of the Army’s Charlie Company, 2-3 Infantry, being informed by their commanding officer at Taji Air Base north of Baghdad that their Iraqi tour is being extended at least 90 days.

(One thing I can’t figure out, by the way — and I’ve read this in multiple accounts, now — is how and why so many soldiers had to find about the troop extensions either by word of mouth or from news reports off the internet.)

image 1: Jack Kurtz/AP.  Yuma, Arizona, April 9, 2007.  image 2: Bob Strong/Reuters. Taji Air Base north of Baghdad. April 12, 2007.  linked image:  Jason Reed/Reuters.  Yuma, Arizona, April 9, 2007. all via YahooNews.

  • Lib4

    They found out by internet b/c the news was leaked and not officially released. The admin was going to wait at least a month before they released the tour increase information so they could pin it on the DEMS and blame their funding bill for the increase in deployment…well that backfired

  • tekel

    Yeah, what Lib4 says. Someone at the Pentagon called the papers. Gates had a pissy press conference to announce the extension because they forced his hand.
    The wheels are coming off the apple cart. The soldiers in the top pic look happy to pose with the president. The soldiers in the bottom pic… they look like they want to strip him naked, clip a car battery to his nipples, and burn their names into his back with their duty-free cigarettes.

  • Jay

    The expressions on the faces of the troops in Charlie Company should be compared to those in your posting on the “Look of Lethality.” I can’t see a whole lot of difference.
    Kind of makes you wonder what’s going to happen next…

  • granny

    The same security guy is present in the top picture and the picture you cited wherein Bush is holding a camera. I am often wondering how much money we pay for the security of Bush and Cheney. I hear that it requires 14 cars to carry Bush to his bike riding spot. It would be no complete awful thing for this country if the president were killed. Where are the priorities here? We have a limited amount of funds. There must be SOME limit on how much we should pay to keep two guys alive. Aren’t they willing to take any risks?

  • Mad_nVT

    I am guessing that the Marines in the top photo haven’t been to Iraq yet.
    I am guessing that George “AWOL” Bush won’t be getting close to the guys in Charlie Company for a happy-go-lucky photo opportunity.

  • auel

    The second photo has haunted me since I first saw it. I feel so bad for all of them. The soldier in the background with the sunshades looks both bitter and helpless like he is about to cry and the anger in the other faces makes me fear even more for the Iraqis civilians who cross their path since the soldiers can’t get to the cowards really responsible for this. They know they will not be going home in three months after having been their a full year. Bush will keep them there until they die. We must stop this. Please continue writing to Congress and the media. The death tolls in Iraq are rising very fast.
    The left blogs should be posting this photo of the betrayal and destruction of our armed forces.

  • john

    So was the extension needed to protect America’s freedom or is this a perfect example of this administration using the troops as a political ploy to attack the real enemy, Americans that don’t blindly support George W Bush?

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