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February 13, 2007



A few takes:

1.  Like BushCo. needs egging on?

2.  Why is The Economist visually arguing for still one more reset in the GWOT?  How ’bout the title, “The New Dawn.”

3.  The anonymity is thoroughly toxic.  This is just what we need in the media space right now: a complete disconnect with political debate, human consequences or anything tied to the ground.

4.  A related point.  This piece cleverly puts into play a verbal metaphor.  Looking at the pic, many of us will instantly intone the word: “stealth.”  Defined as surreptitious; secret; not openly acknowledged, stealth is the manner in which BushCo. is working overtime to draw Iran into conflict.  The subliminal effect is for us to register it big time, but to also keep quiet.  Although not as elegant, notice how the latest Newsweek cover is caught up in the same thing/meme.  The title? “The Hidden War With Iran.”  The subliminal message: Don’t forget everyone, its hidden.

5.  This reminds me of the illustration accompanying Sy Hirsh’s piece about U.S. bombing in Iraq in the 12/5/06 New Yorker. (Link to both.) The color scheme is remarkably similar, although here, it’s the sunrise that cues the desert.  What an outrage that the media can’t help but visualize “the Iran war.”  But then, the preamble is so romantic!

(image: unattributed. The Economist. February 10, 2007. Cover)

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