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February 12, 2007

Fool Me Twice, Shame On (…Where Do I Start?)

Nw1062206B    Iraqirann6  Image 218938

  Iraqirann1  Gal.06.25.Centrifuge2


Iranirann3   38717009 Shell-Bbc-150  Ph2006041102016

Gal.May10.2003   38273122 Iraq Weapons300  350Px-10 Jan 2004 Eod Mortar Rounds Iraq

0428Wmd100  Iranirann4-1  Wmd-1

So the government now has proof positive Iranian weaponry is being used against American troops in Iraq , right?  So, which of these images, released yesterday, seal the Iranian case, and which were circulated in 2003 as proof positive of Iraqi WMD? 

Really, this is so sad.


(Iranian propaganda: top row center; second row left; third row left, bottom row middle.  image via: LAT, BBC, AFP/Getty,,, CNN;; )

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