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December 16, 2006

Man On A Mission

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For the past three years or so, Bush has tied himself to the military without any background or accomplishment to justify it.  Now, suddenly, just when Bush has lost complete credibility as Commander and Chief, Commanding Officer McCain shows up in Iraq meeting with the generals and advocating his own victory plan.

Really, I don’t know what impelled me to seek out this shot of P.O.W. McCain hanging in the Maison Centrale Prison (or “Hanoi Hilton”) museum in Hanoi.  (Via:  Maybe because “straight talk” is dead, and, instead, McCain’s is leveraging his veteran/war-hero/P.O.W. bio to out-flank Bush on Iraq, show Kerry how it’s done, and put a spit shine on his ‘08 persona.

(image 1:

  • marysz

    McCain looks ruggedly all-American handsome in a George Cloony-ish kind of way in the POW photo. Now he’s just one more reactionary old guy. Reagan’s Alzheimer’s disease may serve as a cautionary tale for Americans about the pitfalls of electing an older president, so McCain’s age may work against him. On the other hand, George Bush’s irrational behavior shows that electing a relatively young president doesn’t carry any guarantees either.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    The biggest loser of President Bush’s one last “surge” agenda, aside from the AngloAmerican occupation forces and the Iraqi people themselves, who will continue to die or suffer damage ~ will probably be Senators McCain and Lieberman, whose crank up the War bluff : increasing troop levels in the face of overwhelming opposition by the American electorate and Iraqi population, has just been called.
    After the bloody futility of this one last “surge” scheme becomes apparent, the window for any orderly unwinding of our military posture before the 2008 election will be closed; What was once seen as neo-conism generally will be branded as “the failure of McCainism” specifically to resolve or in any way improve the IRAQ quagmire quandry: IOW, an even more angry American electorate will feel either ignored, “fooled twice,” or betrayed
    …although i do feel there is a danger that the impending neo-con backlash and inevitable Dolchstosslegende could sweep up not only the political pundits most resposible for advocating invasion and occupation of IRAQ, but also spill over to unjustified resentment of many other Western resident muslims and jews entirely innocent of military aggression and war profiteering ~ clearly, to this writer ~ the biggest losers will be anyone now posturing themselves as Once More Over the Top armchair advocates of what, for all intents and purposes, more and more resembles a futile asymmetrical trench warfare mentality.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    The cropping of the chosen photo is interesting because we see the partial frame. It almost looks as if it could be a door to a college professor’s office. Simultaneously we see light reflected in the glass of the picture frame and one gets the sense there is a window nearby. The foreignness of the language below evokes a sense of distant and unfamiliar identity.
    If bag news is the framer of this picture, it gives me a perspective of how we (the left) are looking at McCain; a bit with nostalgia for his old self and wondering whether he has closed the door on his conscience and if there is any light that can reach him. Or is McCain turning into a crotchety old professor sticking to dogma…a classic museum piece edified by image of prior accomplishments and out of touch with the present. We don’t know what language he is going to speak.

  • Rafael

    Sounds more like the Germans in early 1918, launching one final offensive before it all came to naught.
    The more I hear about McCain, which I have to admit I kind of liked for awhile (yes I got suckered by his personal history) the more I think of the Manchurian Candidate (both versions). Just because you wore an uniform does not mean that your infalible. Nor does it mean that your the right man for the job.

  • mugatea

    If I comment about John McCain in an evil blog now, does this mean prison for me in 2009?
    His anti-Kos speech this past week was a good look into the type of US McCain wants to live in.
    McCain is a disturbing figure. A political cameleon. A Joe Lieberman type of guy.
    Prediction: McCain/Lieberman ‘08. They will not win, unless the Dems are really foolish enough to put forward Bill Clinton’s wife.
    Nice picture, pre-walnuts.

  • Lou Dobbs 2008
  • Bob

    ==just when Bush has lost complete credibility as Commander and Chief,==
    The term is “commander IN chief”
    We in Arizona who have know him longest, fear McCain the most. “Temper” is a polite way of saying “nutcase” when a former POW is involved. And when he calls total strangers “my friend,” you know he’s selling snake oil.

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