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November 17, 2006

Your Turn: Eight Bucks Every Three Weeks


Remember the pre-election Economist cover we looked at the other day?  The one with the vultures circling the Capitol?  It’s now stuck in my mind as a metaphor for Washington.

Three weeks ago, the vultures were hungry for Republican meat.  This week, the animals look more like the media eyeing the new Democratic leadership.

Uhh!  This morning, I wasted some perfectly good time thinking through this image fronting the NYT.  In less than a week from now, nobody is going to remember what happened in picking a Democratic Majority Leader.  Blues fight, Blues come together.  There’s your story.  (By the way, let’s see how smoothly it goes for the Reds in sorting out their leadership in the coming days.)

The vultures can stew in the news vacuum.  If the MSM can hardly put a “bigger mind” to America’s political, cultural and personality shift, we can here — and, enjoy it.

There’s no shortage of new iconography to appreciate now.  A key place to start is with the Tester flat top.  It costs eight bucks every three weeks to maintain.  In our starvation for a little populism, Tester is a gift.

Now, how about some riff on that cut?

(image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.  Great Falls, Montana.

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