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October 4, 2006

Contact With America


Lets go back in time to, say, two weeks ago….

That’s when Adam Nagourney wrote this little piece in the NYT likening the ‘06 Mid-Term Election to that milestone event in ‘94.  But then, are the dynamics that different this year?  How much has the conservative revolution really changed?

I mean, if you just remove one letter, and replace one leading Congressional face with another (Foley are Newt being virtual look-alikes, anyway), is it that big a difference?

(By the way, today’s rumor is that Hastert wants to re-use the “CWA” slogan again …once he figures a way to switch the “W” to a “Y.”)

(image 1: John Duricka/AP.  1994.  image 2: Marc Serota/Reuters. February 21, 2006.  Miami, Florida. via YahooNews.)

  • Robin Farley

    To borrow a phrase from another blog – snarky! The fact is though, the Democrats better wrap their heads around the idea that they are going to be a governing party soon. If I recall correctly, the Republicans unveiled the CWA in September 1994. The tide is shifting now so that swing voters have less reason to vote for Republicans. Now lets push them over the side with good reasons to vote for Democrats. How about a “no more earmarks” pledge? Or an independant (non-partisan) ethics review body which can publicly recommend appropriate sanctions (including ouster) for Members of Congress who abuse the public trust?

  • margaret

    How about leadership in the Democratic Party, first, Robin Farley? There is none I can think of powerful enough to accomplish what Democrats and the rest of disgusted people in this country would like to have done.

  • Sunrunner

    Oh this is too funny as I also noticed the resemblance — as well as the irony of Newt (of all people) showing up on TV to do damage control for the GOP.

  • limapup

    Irony, oh sweet irony. The Republicans keep on taking out their old, dusty props complteley disconnected from reality. They have reconstituted their own downfall – again. The only trouble now is that they have put in place “organisms” that are detrimental to the health of all Americans. The Republican party is TOXIC.

  • marysz

    Since Newt is surrounded by overwhelmingly white men (just one black man and there might be a one or two gullible women submerged in the male crowd), we can assume this gathering really should be called “Contract with (white, male) America.” All those “other people” need not apply. It’s interesting that the map behind him is blue even though Newt’s constituency is Red State America. Is Newt trying to reach out to liberals, or is this just bad imaging on his part? As for his resemblance to Foley–that’s definitely going to haunt him when he makes his likely presidential run. And will their navy blue suits and red ties become the Republican equivalent of Monica’s black dress in the public mind?

  • MonsieurGonzo

    almost entirely off-topic, so you can MoveOn dot .
    The Conversationhere, and no doubt among many others ~ not in the American Culture ~ is “Foley In Rehab” ie.,
    REHAB, American slang for “Rehabiliation Centre” = the new American Sanctuary = The Right of Asylum? (!)
    I… could blather on, as is my tendency {grin} but i think you get the point dot . of this bad-news news phenomenon. i mean, Foley cold hardly seek sanctuary = asylum within the walls of some Catholic Cathedral, declaring “I was molested as a youth by a priest!” or somesuch.
    (But, imagine yourself trying to converse with, much less explain to people un-familiar with this new American thingy REHAB = SANCTUARY = ASYLUM, and you’ll get what Gonzo is grappling with, over here ;-)

  • MonsieurGonzo
  • Keir

    I’m gonna take an unpopular view here, again. Non-republicans going for the jugular over this thing = quagmire. This is some really petty stuff (no pun intended) and I think we all come out (no pun intended) looking better if we keep our eyes on the prize. Sniff hard enough and you’ll find dirt on every last politician. Meanwhile, Americans are fighting two failed wars of aggression, wilfully ignoring the environmental collapse of the planet, and letting all of the people living in sweatshop labor land die of disease and starvation. And they have to resign for sending emails to boys? (Not to mention, 16 does happen to be the age of consent in D.C.)

  • readytoblowagasket

    Does anyone know what the age of consent is for having gay sex with your boss? Just wondering.

  • Mad_nVT

    I agree with Keir. Once again the Democrats think that they can just wait around until Bush and the GOP screw up so badly that folks will finally have to vote for the Dems.
    Well, Bush and the GOP are indeed screwing up— militarily, environmentally, economically, diplomatically, defensively, educationally, religiously, scientifically, socially, linguistically, administratively and politically. Also ethically and morally. And sexually.
    So finally, the Democrats have found a platform that they seem to be willing to run on:
    “We don’t pet the pages !”
    Yep, that is a quagmire—- hold your noses.

  • Mad_nVT

    BagMan removed the “r” from Contract and we got “Contact”, Newt Foley style.
    Now take the “t” out of Contact and you wind up with “Con Act”
    And that seems to be what Washington DC is, just a big Con Act and we are the suckers.

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