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August 10, 2006

A Day To Celebrate


“Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big.”

As the perfect corollary to Thursday’s disgusting, yet completely unsurprising news that Bush has been milking the London airline terror plot for days, here’s the shot the White House featured on it’s photo gallery as the news (finally) broke.

The image (and the choice to feature it) is as damnable as this White House quote.  The theme?  Self-congratulations.  Triumphalism.  (And big freakin’ airplanes.)  Forget the Middle East.  Forget that other place where we sent all the troops.  I hear they’re shipping all the confiscated hair gel to the RNC.  They plan to distribute it to all those terror lovin’ GOP House candidates to grease the skids of Democrat opponents.

And as a crowning touch, the caption features Bush’s hateful money quote, referring to the bombing plot as “a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists.”

… So I assume he’s retracting the regret for “bring it on?”

(image: Eric Draper/White House.  Aug. 10, 2006. Green Bay, Wis.

  • Rafael

    Islamic Facist? Who, the Baath, the Shia or the Sunni? Anybody who tries to mix these to concept really doesn’t know what the heck they are talking about. But it sure sounds scaaaary!

  • Rafael

    Oh and as for the photo, this shows that the last six years have been only about one thing, Georgie’s ego. Here the people line up to aplaud his majesty. I mean as a Puertorican I know some people applaud when an airplane lands (it sounds silly, but its a way of thanking God and the pilots for a nice safe landing!), but Inever heard of anyone been applauded from getting of a plane, not even the Pope!

  • ummabdulla

    This photo doesn’t really feature Bush; he’s pretty small and coming down a pretty ordinary staircase. (Maybe every airport should have a VIP one that’s more impressive, maybe painted, or with a red carpet, or a blue one to match the color scheme of the plane.)
    Of the people lined up to greet him, we can only see one guy’s face, but he looks appropriately somber. They don’t usually applaud, though, do they?
    When I saw this on the news, I called my kids, because they recently saw the movie “Air Force One”. They were impressed that this plane looks like the one in the movie. Of course, Bush is no Harrison Ford.
    I wonder why they did choose this photo. I guess to emphasize the regular, freedom-loving Americans in the Heartland/Homeland that are in danger and being protected by the Commander-in-Chief. They can be sure that the “Islamic Fascists” (cfrinst must be happy to hear Bush using the term close to his/her favorite “Islamofascists”) aren’t angry about any aspect of U.S. foreign policy, though. They can be sure that these guys, despite growing up in England, were going to try to blow up 9 planes because they hate their freedom.
    It’s not surprising that the White House is happy about this (alleged) plot. Experts interviewed by the BBC yesterday were saying that they actually didn’t think the attacks were imminent, and it wasn’t clear why they made the arrests now. They assumed that there was some reason for the timing – for arresting them now, instead of watching them longer and collecting more information and evidence. After reading how the White House has reacted, I wonder if they didn’t dictate the timing. (Apparently, they were behind the abrupt firing of UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.)
    I’m sure Israel is happy, too. Instead of almost 24-hour coverage of Lebanon, the BBC and CNN International went to wall-to-wall coverage of this.
    (Rafael, in the Middle East they also applaud when the plane lands – moreso if it’s a really smooth landing. That was news to me; I didn’t know they did it anywhere else.)

  • Keir

    BAG I love the outrage.
    Listen: the terror plot was not foiled. People at airports in the US and UK have been successfully terrorized—”terrorism” being by definition political—by the Blair/Bush mafia.
    I am always really bothered by the misuse of the word “fascism”. I think this was all fabricated, but even if it was not fabricated, the suspected perps are not fascists (and as far as I know, you’re secular until proven Islamic). On the other hand, one could make a very strong and convincing case that both Bush and Blair and their governments exhibit strong fascist tendencies. Here is a link to a PDF of an essential work by Umberto Eco entitled Ur-Fascism. Written in the mid 1990’s, it accurately describes trends of the Bush Administration and its international sycophants.

  • mugatea

    In the spring Rove announced to Republicans (Party of The Living Dead) that they will campaign this fall using terror as the central theme.
    The weekly beheadings should start up again soon. On screens now until November on a TV near you.
    As for the image, it’s actually quite impressive that Bush can gather so many people to be photographed with. I can’t identify any in the photo who are running for office. It’s also impressive he can make it down those stairs without falling. This guy makes Gerald R. Ford look like Ronaldinho.

  • wiesseharre

    “We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world — a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us…. No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you.”
    Hunter S. Thompson ~ Kingdom of Fear

  • wiesseharre

    “…in some stupid cave living on ratmeat and insects, all in the name of hatred and ambition…”
    Sartre ~ (fragment)

  • DC

    “islamic facists” is the newest GOP meme and distortion. Its appearing in the RNC talking points. The point being to reconstruct and reposition the Iraq disaster into a larger context as a war on ‘Islamic Facism.’ The ‘democracy in Iraq’ theme is dead and needs a quick replacement as it disolves into a civil war. They can use to blend Iraq, Iran, Bin laden, Hezbollah & Ed Lamont and Democrats into one enemy. They are ramping up for Iran.
    The term facism is misused intentionally to remake the Iraq fiasco into a new struggle like fighting the Nazis (the last real facists of any consequence). It makes no sense logically – but Karl Rove knows that logic and truth are not a requirement for a few weeks in October.

  • Gary

    Islamofascists. As opposed to the Bush administration – Amerifascists… Boy, that man coming down the steps sure looks small.

  • wiesseharre

    “…out of a manipulation of the politikal apparatus…will kum…a strukture that will transcend temporal limitations…resulting in a small kommittee surrounded by adoring animals…”
    Sartre ~ (further…fragment)

  • readytoblowagasket

    Some people just need the adulation.

  • rudy

    The ballustrade of the nation are all lined up, fearful and obedient. Triumpant on a sunny day. Clean and white.

  • rudy

    Hey, is that Joe Lieberman in the line-up, closest to the rolling stairs? Is this the stariway to heaven? Are they all waiting for their kiss? Is this the last flight out – Don’t tell me we lost?

  • Nezua-Limón Xoloquinta-Jonez

    A tiny man, empowered and applauded by sycophants and Yes-Men, dwarfed by a huge office, and going down.

  • rudy

    Try this: “Shoot him, he’s got a water bottle! Don’t worry, he’s dark skinned!
    How about this: NEW KILL ORDERS: Shoot to drain.

  • Scarabus

    Echoing one or two others, my first thought was that this actually makes Bush look too small for the job. Air Force One is The Great Oz, but the dude coming down the stairs is a timid little mountebank.
    Re the comments about who our enemy really is, we should all remember that as late as two or three months before the invasion Bush didn’t realize there was a difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims.
    The line of happy-clappers is just another instance of the Bush carefully selected, carefully prepped audience. Anyone remember the scene in Duck Soup where everyone lines up to meet Rufus T. Firefly?

  • jt from BC

    Descending from the mouth of a whale this 21st century Jonah, a man whose prophecies are believed and therefore do not come to pass, celebrates another day.

  • jt from BC

    Descending from the mouth of a whale this 21st century Jonah, a man whose prophecies are believed and therefore do not come to pass, celebrates another day.

  • jt from BC

    Descending from the mouth of a whale this 21st century Jonah, a man whose prophecies are believed and therefore do not come to pass, celebrates another day.

  • margaret

    Why is the militry man at the foot of the steps saluting, with his back to the president (lower case “p,” intentional)? Shouldn’t he stand, facing perpendicular to the stairs, looking toward the front of the plane? Strange. Yes, the president does look very, very small, while the group applauding looks so dull and emotionally uninvolved. There is no enthusiasm in this applause. Reminds me of the old Politburo.
    The old pattern of political distress at home, foreign affairs gone sour, alternating with terror alerts, arrests, etc., is back. Surely, someone besides me is cynical about all this? At any rate, why would anyone want to fly to England, ever again?

  • PTate in MN

    How curious that the WH chose to post this picture of the President is getting off AF1. Why is this newsworthy?
    The big plane, of course, reminds us of the threat–of 9/11 and yesterday’s bust. The angle of the shot puts the viewer at the end of the line, and the faceless crowd is modeling that we should be applauding as well. The shadows of the audience defer away from the awesome presence descending the stairs.
    So if you knew nothing else, you would think, this man is very, very important, awesome, god-like. So yes, the Bag’s take on this image–Self-congratulations. Triumphalism–is absolutely right.
    The WH has needed some support for their reckless and failed policies. They are seizing on this event, on the eve of the 5th anniversary of 9/11, to try to re-establish their WOT creds and salvage the November election. Because obviously, if the Brits crack a terror plot among British Muslims, it proves the existence of “Islamo-Fascism” and vindicates GWB’s war in Iraq.
    I predict a 5% boost in approval–to the mid-40s–for about a week. Then Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israel/Lebanon messes will reassert themselves. Americans will think, wait a tick, These British citizens weren’t our enemies before.

  • bodoro

    Eine wirklich super Seite!

  • momly

    Why does the GOP think that the news from Britain is a score for their side? The Brits caught their guys before they had the chance to do any harm.
    PLEASE, Democrats, USE THIS FACT!!

  • Aunt Deb

    Is this a recent photo? And are the people in line taking part in the fundraiser Bush was attending? I mean, where else has he flown recently, save to Crawford and to wherever that Republican fundraiser was he went to yesterday?
    If it’s an older photo, this might be foreign dignitaries lined up to welcome the president.

  • me

    yeah, bush is small, but that alone means nothing….in the bigger context, he has “big” people in support of him.
    yes, big people, wise ones (with gray hair), every man (balding), and yes and attractively-dressed blond (monroe?). And notice, no brown-skinned in that line-up…you get involved with this party, you needn’t worry about them. note also the soldier—the military is behind him.
    and don’t let me forget, yes God’s light does shine upon them, from the upper left corner of the frame.
    eesh, what else? bush is higher up than us…i could go on all night.
    bodoro- Du solltest uns jeden Tag besuchen, echt gemeint.

  • readytoblowagasket

    momly, you’ll be happy to learn the Democrats are jumping all over a fundraising e-mail authored by Rudy Giuliani (America’s mayor), which was sent out on Friday (duh!) by the Republican National Committee. A quote from the e-mail sums up the GOP thought-process nicely: “In the middle of a war on terror, we need to remain focused on furthering Republican ideas more than ever before.”
    More details (not Giuliani quotes):
    “. . . with midterm elections less than three months away, not even an alleged attack to blow up passenger planes was off-limits to politics.
    Throughout the day, the accusations grew more heated with Republicans and Democrats criticizing each other for using the day’s events for political gain.
    To be sure, both sides are seeking political advantage on national security. Voters will choose a new Congress Nov. 7, and polls show the public favoring Democratic control of Congress over Republicans who have been in power for a dozen years.
    Additionally, recent polls have found that the Republican edge on terrorism and protecting the country has eroded over the past few months.”
    But this is just plain pathetic: “The RNC blamed a low-level staffer for distributing the fundraising appeal, which the party said had been scheduled for release before news of the plot broke.”
    Oh, let’s blame the low-level staffer. As if that doesn’t somehow reflect on upper management.
    Nice to see Rove is totally off his game.

  • Megan

    Bush is separated from the entire world on the left by a line of people sheparding him where they want him to go.

  • Ernest Tomlinson

    It’s also impressive he can make it down those stairs without falling.
    Hey, may they’re applauding him for that reason, just as you would applaud the man who finishes last in a marathon just because had the persistence finally to stagger across the finish line.
    “Come on, Mr. President, you can do it! Just a few more steps!”

  • Bob

    Rudy’s comment above gets it right — “this actually makes Bush look too small for the job.”
    Such a big plane, and no one else wants to be seen leaving it with George.
    Not even Laura.

  • Neal

    Rove thinking….Islamofascists? Can’t call them religious fanatics-too close to home. Call them fascists and bring up the memories of Hitler. Make the administration seem like Churchill and “never surrender”. “Appeasers” end up disgraced,”cutting and running” from the enemy. The enemy is so evil there is no way we can even talk to them. Nice tie-in with the Jewish memories also.
    But how close this administration is following the fascist way. State above individual rights. Secret police methods, detention without trial. The leader is regarded as the divinely appointed leader, the only one who can save the homeland from a diabolical enemy. Why should he stop with trying for three terms like Roosevelt, maybe times are so perilous that only he can lead forever in the long war. Goodbye democracy.

  • dead earl

    Goodbye, democracy? More like long live george w. bush. Why aren’t more people throwing random applause right at this guy? That’s my question. It’s like, not applauding the president for de-boarding an aircraft is justso pre-September 11th.
    The song goes, “Hail to the Chief, he’s the Chief and he needs Hailing.”

  • Rafael

    Dead Earl
    I note a bit of sarcasm, yes, but I don’t know if it for the argument for or against the extended line of adoration and applause. In my world, you get polite applause here or there, but if you want it bad, you got to earn it. Actions, not job titles, is what works for me.
    And the song used to go (and still goes) “Hail to the King!” he is not my king or anyones king, and as I recall the last King George was mad as loon and just as incompetent.

  • grandma

    The term fascist Zionists seems more appropriate; but that term probably can’t even be posted.

  • ray

    This pix is straight out of (or a bad replay of) Soviet Brezhnev-70s-era “meet & greet” at provincial (“the real Russia”) USSR airports — when all the local party apparatchiki were waiting to See the Leader and Kiss His A–.
    Leonid Ilich Brezhnev, who had his own nice little war in Afghanistan in the 70s, would of course (I hope I am not falsifying history by saying this) condemn “imperialism” on these airport occasions, against which — the evil imperialism — the invincible USSR was at war.
    The thankfully defeated, unbelievably unctuous, Conn-rep Joe L — straight out of Gogol’s Revizor/Inspector General, for you Russian lit fans, as a minor character fearing “The Chief” appearing in town — could be there, waiting for a kiss from the vozhd’ (leader). Or course, Joe would settle for a hug if that helped…
    Yes, Leonid/Dubya, we are at war! Thank you for your leadership in this Struggle Against Violent Extremism!
    Meanwhile, all we, in the more-or-less reality that America has become, can say (lament) is, cry, the beloved country…

  • cfinstr

    If a Democrat/Socialist had been in office, and if he/she had the gonads to push back against the islamic imperialist terrorists, sh/she would be doing the same type of photo Ops.
    The reason there is the caterwaling here is that the twin toilets were sufficiently adept to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the last election…..
    Also, Raphael, islam as practiced by the imperialist islamic terrorists, regardless of the colorful, for dhimmi infidel consumption, label of shia, sunni etc, etc…. is the evil in our world today…
    Oh yes, I guess the concept of evil is alien for most apologist Democrat/Socialists so perhaps you, Raphael, cannot fathom it.

  • jt from BC

    cfinstr, are you having a bad hair day, bored, or just getting wound up for another babbling rant ?

  • readytoblowagasket

    cfinstr: If a Democrat/Socialist had been in office, this blog wouldn’t exist, the songbirds would have sufficient habitat, 9/11 would never have happened, and we would all live happily ever after with good affordable health care. Too bad there is no such thing as a Democrat/Socialist, like there is no such thing as the fantasy I just described.
    I’m not sure if you meant to say “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,” but it sounds like the story of my life.

  • Rafael

    That Rafael, I’m not Italian and sadly enough I can fathom all kinds of eveil, from parents neglenting their children, rulers letting entire cities drown, madmen who exploit the angry and desperate so they go and blow themselves to bits. However I am not hung up on the idea that Islam, by itself, its evil, nor is it Judaism or Christianity (or Buddihsm or any religion for that matter). Yes, al-Qaeda dreams of revisiting upon the world the old world Caliphate, but they could not rival the scientific, mathematical and literary heights of the Muslim ancient caliphate (at a time when most of Western Europe wallowed in the muck of religious hatreds and devisive, near genocidal wars). You are asking me to choose from two extremes that look more alike than anything else.
    Should I say that Christianity and its followers are evil because the Crusaders while wearing the Cross on their shields and tunics slaughtered the bulk of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the New World?
    Can I call Jews the dammned ones because of the excesses of the recent Israeli goverments (mostly after 1973)?
    You claim greater knowledge than I, but can’t cleary see your enemies for what they are, in all their nuances and variances. I fear that some are using the fear of the enemy without to foister the enemy within.

  • Rafael

    Oh and by the way, what is the use of having big cojones if you don’t know how to use them.
    I don’t apologies for squat. Kamakazie bombers that strike at civilian cafes and buses are no martyrs, they are cowards.
    Smart bombs that target the infractruture of a nacent democracy awakening from over a decade of bloody civil war while having no impact upon your enemies is not smart at all.
    Invading the wrong country under the guise of spreading democracy while in fact handing said country to one of your bitter enemies is downright idiotic.
    Ingnoring a midget with delusions of grandeur, a few nukes and a million man army poised to destroy one of the richest and most populous cities in the world is cowardly and moronic.
    Destroying your way of life while claiming to preserve it is just plain stupid.
    Playing footsie with a military dictator that is a bomb blast away from the afterlife and risk having his nation fall into chaos that may trigger the first nuclear war since WWII is beyond me.
    Evil has many faces, so the first thing anyone should do when trying to confront it is to look himself in the mirror….

  • Barnaclebarney

    Islamic Facist? What the hell is that? Don’t you have to have a government to be a facist? Oh well, I guess Bush had been hearing it for a long time in reference to his own government so he thought he might project the title onto the terrorist’s. The photo of Bush getting applause as he steps off the plane is so grandeous. Man you talk about a staged photo. I think this set-up was more for Bush than for propaganda. His handlers don’t want “the decider” to start questioning his own decisions. So they have to stroke him at every opportunity.

  • Rafael

    In the past facist have allied themselves with religious groups, most famously the catholic church in Spain and Chile, but first and foremost Facism is center on adoration of a nationalistic State, with blidn adoration for authority figures, especially those figures cloaked in military authority, not clerical robes. The reason why this terminology is so appealing to some in the extreme right is that it combines the best of two boogey men, Nazis and non-Christians (read:non-white/Protestant).
    Is the threat real? Of course it is.
    Does playing to our enemies propaganda statements a way to win any conflict, especially a 4th generation conflict? Of course is not.
    You have to separete the wheat from the shaft. If you can not do that, or worse, you bundle them together, you lost, pure and simple.

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