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July 12, 2006

Thrust In The Spotlight


1.  The BAG is taking a risk trying to interpret this after having just seen “Superman.”

2.  Honestly, I’m not getting the message here.  Is this about ascendency?  Or, forty seconds of fame, then a flame out?

3.  Maybe last week’s fireworks (not to mention, publicity like this) were part of the marketing campaign to move a few rockets and a little plutonium.

3.  If The Economist is trying to make a bogeyman out of Kim, didn’t that concept explode with Saddam?

4.  They frame Kim as a man on the move, but his actual pic suggests a real stiff.  So, what of it?  Are they saying he won’t budge?  He’s completely whacked?  (Or just, that was the best choice of the clipart?)

5.  The new “pigeon of choice” for Japanese skeet shooters?

6.  Please don’t tell me that name is going to stick.

Your take?

(hat tip: Keir)

(image: The Economist.  July 8th, 2006. Cover)

  • rchsod

    elton john`s “rocket man”? it seems to me the people in the art dept were trying to come up with something funny. sitting around trying come come up with the idea! rocket man! he`s a sad sack cartoon charactor! actually it is pretty funny,but alas, he is a demented little tryant who starves his people to build crappy missles to get what he wants from the rest of the world

  • Rafael

    Funnier still is the fact that while playing with Google Earth I found that Seoul is a mere 36.9 miles from the nearest town across the border or a merely 25.3 miles from the shortest point across the 38th Parallel. That would put about hald of the city of over 10 Million people within easy reach of FROG and SCUD missiles, if not hundreds of rocket and gun batteries. Nice neighborhood to live in.

  • RomanticOtaku

    Maybe it’s to make him look lame.
    You know like Neo in those Matrix Sequels.
    Or maybe its equating the whole botched rocket tests as Kim blowing smoke out his ass.

  • Keir

    Obvious Western double standards here. Silly cartoon editorial. Kim Jong Il can run a country where a million children go hungry while he’s built a (shoddy) nuclear arsenal with the support of the Clinton Administration and Rumsfeld’s ABB. All the Dear Leader gets is ridicule. One couldn’t even fathom his face on a Time cover a la Hitler-Hussein-Zarqawi.
    Thus what I don’t think the picture demonstrates is the West sending Kim Jong Il packing. That won’t happen. (Personally—and I haven’t seen this elsewhere—I believe that the US wouldn’t dare touch North Korea, not only because it’s not a threat, has no resources to offer, and the US government just doesn’t care, but also because it’s in China’s sphere. Could you imagine China dealing with Cuba or Haiti?)
    I think the question is why is North Korea “funny” and Iraq “dangerous” (and Afghanistan somehow under control, and Sudan invisible, and so on and so forth)?

  • Simon

    The picture is strange. He is supposed to be a rocket but his posture would suggest he isn’t moving (despite the motion blur added).
    As for the rocketman bit, it reminded me of this.
    Hard to take anyone serious after Shatner crucified the song.

  • Joejoe

    Maybe the picture is saying that his actions last week rocketed him above the other issues. Iraq and Iran have mostly been at the front of all the topics and discussions and Kim Jong Il is saying “I’m a real threat, I can actually fire missiles”.

  • black dog barking

    I’ll always connect that exhaust plume with Challenger.
    As for Dear Leader (Deux), Kim Jong’s stature and dynamism remind me most of President Pedro Sanchez: “Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true.”

  • PMMJ

    Totally a comedy picture, IMHO. Reminds me of a crappy special effect from a sitcom.

  • acm

    well, he’s certainly rocketed Korea back into headlines and front pages!
    or maybe, they’re trying to say that rockets are the scary news, but Kim is the real issue.
    or something like that.

  • limapup

    I think that his clothes say a lot – he looks like a retiree waiting for a bus.

  • limapup

    …and those jacket sleeves are way too long…”ill” fitting?

  • jtfromBC

    “..The bigger worry is that this week’s pyrotechnics will incinerate wider efforts to stabilise a region full of dangerous rivalries..” The Economist.
    I’ll pass on this one, and wait for the depiction of Ehud Olmert on the next cover.

  • paul

    If it is rocket man, there is no evidence of a rocket pack in the picture. It looks like – given that the plume is visible through his parted legs – the flame is coming out his ass. Is the Economist saying that Dear Leader (I mean NoKo’s Dear Leader) is just talking out his ass?

  • howler

    “I think the question is why is North Korea “funny” and Iraq “dangerous” (and Afghanistan somehow under control, and Sudan invisible, and so on and so forth)?”
    Good point. Even Bush was doing this “Oh you know that knuckle head–you can’t live with him, you can’t take him to Graceland” routine at the Chicago Press conference last week when asked about NK and it’s Leader. This Admin has decided to treat the whole affair with ironic detachment and let at least the American media get hysterical about it for them. Maybe the English “Economist” had just enough of there own detachment to react this way to the whole affair.
    By the way, they also joked in the same issue about The Gov. of NJ shutting down the state gov. in an attempt to force a state deficit solution. My wife couldn’t get her car inspected last week–it wasn’t funny at all–here in New Jersey!

  • Nezua-Limón Xoloquinta-Jonez

    Clearly it is ridiculing him. He looks dangerously flatulent. I think the USGOV/MSM is just punching him around…USGOV/MSM knows he needs so badly to be taken seriously, and USGOV/MSM denies him that.

  • jr

    What’s with his Burlington Coat Factory “irregular” clothes?

  • carl Muecke

    Lighten Up Guys. This is just a strong visual pun linking Glorious Leader and his pretentions to Godness, and his launch of the fizzled missle. Maybe it misses the point, but it grabs attention…and it got attention here. Selling magazines doesn’t always mean adhering to editorial standards.

  • decrepitoldfool

    They’re just mocking him. Inside the same issue is a cartoon of missiles shooting out of his frizzy hair and wobbling out of control.
    A few weeks ago they did a cartoon of Castor letting Cuban citizens have whatever light shines out of his ass. Much more leeway than cartoonists at Time or (shudder) Newsweek have.

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