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July 11, 2006

The “A” Team

Note: Due to a service outage, Typepad lost all data posted over the past 12 hours. I had a back-up of this entry, but unfortunately, all the comments were lost. My apologies.

Cougar New

Hadley-Korea  Hill-Korea

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Faced with a delicate and highly complex foreign relations challenge in North Korea, it’s no wonder our “A” team — including U.N. Ambassador John “Guernica” Bolton; National Security Adviser Stephen “It’s Like This” Hadley; and Assistant Secretary of State Christopher “If I’m Bending Over, I Must Be In China” Hill — is looking so ridiculous.

(It’s particularly curious to see the neocon, Bolton, repeatedly shown in front of that antiwar tapestry — especially after the Administration took pains to cover it during Colin Powell’s Iraq WMD sales job.)

If the nature of this Administration has been to unselfconsciously threaten and push people around, at least its been predictable.  Taking those inclinations underground, is it possible these haughty and aggressive types could actually cause even more havoc by pretending to be diplomats?

(hat tip: Jeffrey)

(image 1: Osamu Honda/A.P. New York. July 10, 2006. Via YahooNews.  image 2: Charles Dharapak/A.P. White House. July 10, 2006. Via YahooNews.  image 3: Elizabeth Dalziel.  Beijing, China. Tuesday, July 11, 2006.  Via YahooNews.)

  • itwasntme

    perhaps this administration no longer has the power to “cover up” the Guernica. perhaps they thought Bolton’s mustasch would overpower it visually. I’m sure BAG is correct that these clowns will do as much damage working as so-called diplomats as they did as bullies.
    the center is no longer holding for the administration, and watching the rot creep into the open will not be pretty.

  • Keir

    …is it possible these haughty and aggressive types could actually cause even more havoc by pretending to be diplomats?
    Of course. Bush said—can’t remember exactly when—”We were marching to war but now we’re marching to peace.” And Orwell’s dystopia is upon us, complete with avowed enemies of diplomacy posing as diplomats. The havoc, the harm, the damage they cause—beyond the most obvious: policies leading to the destruction of lives—is the meaninglessness of the very idea of diplomacy. We inherit a world a world “we now have the ability to annihilate” (quote from a lost comment by rtbag yesterday); does anyone care to imagine what comes after total diplomatic breakdown?

  • wiesseharre

    Bolton is Negroponte’s UN-as-Guernica stand-in, re-member(?)

  • Jeff

    That dude screaming with his hands held up to heaven behind Bolton is what we should all be thinking of him. When Bolton looks at that I’m sure he congratulates himself on how fine of a job he is doing at keeping the world in constant turmoil.

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