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July 16, 2006

Let’s eat!


I hope you didn’t share my experience, stumbling upon this carcass after viewing troubling images from Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and northern Israel.

Digby had a great take on this pre-G-8 summit scene.  With crises cooking in North Korea, Iran and the Middle East, reporters were just looking for a few words of intelligence and reassurance from the Carver-In-Chief.  With no rehearsed answers available, however, Bush resorted to one of his uglier deflection strategies — being obnoxious.

The reaction from the man hiding behind the German Chancellor?  ‘So the world is burning.  Let’s eat!’

(image: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters. July 13, 2006. Trinwillershagen, Germany.  Via YahooNews.)

  • blabby

    Looks like the guy in the hat standing behind Geedub is fixin’ to club him with that pipe!

  • PTate in MN

    Eeeww. I spent several hours yesterday on the previous post–the one asking whether the Fallujah bridge photo of charred American bodies is iconic–and now this! I don’t know if any of your readers will be spared.
    This is one of those images in which the gap between being there and viewing it from afar is so striking. My response would be different if this was Bush hospitality in Crawford, but this is an diplomatic attempt on the part of the German Chancellor to give GWB a role. But I am also mindful of another very subtle message: the US President slices charred pig for other world leaders as Israel bombs Lebanon and Iraq festers. I am reminded of the guitar incident while Katrina devastated New Orleans.
    Except Americans don’t regard guitars as unclean. The Jewish and Muslim prohibition from eating unclean pig puts an interesting spin on this photo. Is the German chancellor subtly skewering the POTUS, a disgusting infidel who eats pork?

  • wiesseharre


  • Tony

    This photo is now the winner of the most repugnant photo to come from the awful years known as the Bush administration. In yet another world crisis where whole regions stand on the brink we have the American President making sure he’s first in line to get his piece of charred pork. Previously the photo on this site of Bush playing the guitar while elderly New Orleans residents drowned was the winner.

  • Tara

    At a time when the Middle East is much more violent and dangerous than it has been in many years, perhaps even the worst ever, the picture (and its story) also show an almost criminally negligent insensitivity to Muslim (and for that matter, Jewish) concerns about pigs/pork.

  • Nezua-Limón Xoloquinta-Jonez

    my guitars are filthy and i LOVE ‘em that way.
    But cereally, PTate in MN makes a good point about the choice of pork on they spit. Me, I just checked quick to make sure the “President’s” hands looked nice and clean. You know. Because he likes assigning other people to burn shit down when he feels Da Hunga. This ain’t the first time. Won’t be the last….

  • putnam

    Bush considers that his indifferent comments on the sufferings and deaths of others show that he is resolute, and that he oversees human events from a godlike perspective. The epitome was when he was asked last year how many Iraqis had been killed, and he said in as offhand a manner as he could, “Oh, thirty thousand or so…” Next question?

  • error27

    Actually I think eating pig is the only correct response when the world is burning.
    Say if the world was drowning, then the correct response would be to play guitar. Or sometimes what you need to do is take some time out and read a good book.
    Global politics are so complicated so it’s tricky to always know what the correct response is but in this case eating a pig was obviously right.

  • black dog barking

    When the Decider wasn’t cutting up with the crazy Katrina guitar antics he was having his cake, presumably eating it too. All the while Lake Pontchartrain flooded the attics of New Orlean’s Ninth Ward.

  • jt from BC

    “Grub first then ethics” -Bertold Brecht

  • jt from BC

    “schweinhund” !!!
    (the pig & the dog)

  • sa rose

    I’m surprised W isn’t turning the spit. Guess that would be too much work.
    I can’t help but think the press knows what they’re doing with the photos. Musically significant New Orleans drowns while Bush plays guitar. And now this one.
    What next? Bush drinks milkshake while California drops into the Pacific after killer quake?

  • Lieutenant Breakfast

    the roasting pig on the spit with the Oval Officer nearby combines global warming and global warring in a single image

  • Keir

    Yesterday’s post brought to mind (and in my comment I linked to) truly horrific images, Iraqi children with charred limbs among them. That’s one of the things bombs are ostensibly designed to do: cook people. Bush and his ilk seem quite fond of cooking to a crisp whatever’s around–pigs, people, the planet. People and pigs look a bit similar when killed and cooked. Maybe they taste the same too. I wouldn’t know, I don’t eat meat. And I don’t mean to be gross, though maybe the people in the picture above do. I assume they all enjoyed their barbecue and sincerely hope they choke, in perpetuity.

  • KentuckyFriedChiquita

    I can think of no country more apt than Germany to serve charred pig meat to a leading fascist whose modus operandi is slash and burn.
    What was she thinking???

  • jt from BC

    Kier said “Bush and his ilk seem quite fond of cooking to a crisp whatever’s around–pigs, people, the planet.
    Angela Merkel is part of *that ilk* as she supported the invasion of Iraq, and has many views that compliment GWB’s

  • Quentin

    Bush is neither Muslim nor Jewish and, as a Christian or whatever, is free to eat wild boar. Let him do so and enjoy it because it’s delicious. The ’sensibilities’ of Muslims and Jews, noted in some above comment, are irrelevant. All these religious considerations lead us into the heart of Beirut. You just have to love it. But totally relevant is the utter stupidity, callousness and callowness and political cynicism of the most ‘most powerful man in the world’ who is half-conciously presiding over an ever increasingly disintegrating world and seems to have no notion of where his acts could lead us. You see, the plan is to leave everything to the next president so he or she can be blamed for the mess. Beautiful, Mr. Putin’s stinging remark that Russia doesn’t want a democracy as in Iraq. What an embarrassment Bush is and everyday he makes the U.S. more and more irrelevant. That’s what is important: neither Jews nor Muslims nor Christians.

  • ummabdulla

    You are what you eat?
    I saw this at the BBC and couldn’t help but think of this meal…

  • ummabdulla

    Hmmmm… is that link too long? After picture_gallery, it should be /06/programmes_food_for_thought/html/8.stm

  • MWW

    My first thought was “Lord of the Flies” writ large.

  • readytoblowagasket

    MWW: That’s genius. It *is* Lord of the Flies. O.M.G.

  • putnam

    O German Chancellor! Be careful who you invite to dinner. Soon he may be making strange remarks about a “pig” and then laying his hands upon thee! For He is Earth’s Ruler! He dares to attack! And you are but a tasty treat.

  • Peanut

    …..and you are crunchy.

  • anwaya

    This image is dreadful on many levels, in many ways.
    1. The casual indifference to death. Any Bush pose with burned flesh is going to recall the Battle of Fallujah and the effects of White Phosphorus. Anyone for Shake ‘n’ Bake?
    2. It’s the untouchable meat at a time of Arab-Israeli conflict.
    3. Politicians carving up the world (e.g. Pitt and Napoleon, or being fed are the subject of political satirical images going back at least three centuries.
    4. It’s an ill-managed Event: the wood isn’t even burning. The spit looks brand new, so the pig was cooked elsewhere and brought in. We can’t have the Leader of the Free World(tm) playing near a real fire. The spitboy in his hunting hat is just an extra from central casting.
    5. War, pigs and people? Lord of the Flies.
    All in all, a revolting image.

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