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June 21, 2006

Your Turn: Fore!

Gitmo Poster B300

Granted, The BAG has plumbed the Gitmo subject fairly thoroughly this week.  However, I’ve also been diligently looking for a good “Your Turn” to turn you loose on, and I really like this graphic.  (What I’m coming to realize is that the best image for communal analysis is the one that seem completely evident  — until you try to explain it.) 

This poster is from the new indy film GITMO — THE NEW RULES OF WAR by Swedes, Erik Gandini and Tarik Saleh.  The film both echoes and enrichens the Charlotte Observer material featured this week.  For example, the film covers the previous removal of a camp commander, and it also addresses how the facility adroitly creates an appearance of openness when it comes to media access.

This specific image is drawn from a part of the movie contrasting the local charms and nearby recreational attractions with the prison itself.  That’s straight-forward.  What I’m not at all sure about, however, is … what happens once you put that golf club in the prisoner’s hands. 

Swing away!

GITMO overview/director’s statement

GITMO clips

(poster: Martin Hultman)

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