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May 3, 2006

Michelle Malkin’s Super Secret Scrapbook




Hey, it’s not completely in jest.

If the pervasive meme hamstrung to the Dems has been “lack of message,” there are signs of a paradigmatic shift.  It’s early yet, but leading indicators  — visual and otherwise — (and I’m not just referring to the hottie watch) suggest a growing receptivity to the minority.  If this new trend takes hold, the ‘06 line on the party could be: Democrats are sexy!  Attractive, once again.

(image 1: Jason Reed/Reuters. George Clooney and Barack Obama. Washington. April 27, 2006. Via YahooNews.  image 2: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times.  Representative Rahm Emanuel.  Washington. April 30, 2006.  image 3: Lee Marriner/AP. John Edwards. Concord, N.H., Thursday, April 20, 2006.  via YahooNews.)

  • margaret

    Oh, dear, Bag…please let us not put that idea into the electorate’s heads. They will only remember Clinton and where his sexiness got him and us. Please, can you show us some pictures of Democrats looking intelligent and earnest and, above all, discreet? Because that’s what I believe many of them are, starting with Feingold.

  • The Witch

    This is the first blog post I have ever wanted to pin to the wall of my cubicle and moon at. Rrrawwwr.

  • Marysz

    Caitlyn Flanagan wrote a truly bizarre article in this week’s Time referring to herself as the “beaten wife” of the Democratic Party:
    “. . . there is apparently no room for me in the Democratic Party. In fact, I have spent much of the past week on a forced march to the G.O.P. And the bayonet at my back isn’t in the hands of the Republicans; the Democrats are the bullyboys.”
    Evidently, the Democrats just don’t embrace gender-stereotyping as well as the Republicans. That’s the problem with Democrats like Clooney and Obama, they just aren’t “manly” enough for the American heartland. That’s why Democrats are loosing what Flanagan, calls the “housewife” vote. Tough luck, Clooney and Obama, America’s “housewives” will take helmet-head Frist or smarmy Santorum over you any day. Those are the breaks.

  • Gary

    They sure beat the likes of DeLay, Wade, Boehner, and Limbaugh, just to mention a few. There has to be a genetic correlation between body type and mentality.

  • ummabdulla

    I went to the New York Times article linked in the post and saw the full photo of Rahm Emanuel with Charles Schumer. It’s a strange picture; for one thing, Schumer looks huge while Emanuel looks very small. I know Emanuel is farther back from the camera, but not that far. Also, is that a table or what? It seems like Schumer is sitting, but Emanuel is standing against it, and it’s chest-high for him. Maybe it’s for a committee hearing or something…
    Anyway, I guess Emanuel is looking at him, but it looks like he’s looking off to the side, bored and/or irritated, but restraining himself from saying what he’s thinking.

  • Anonymous

    The only difference between Clinton and chimpy is that gannon/guckert swallows and monica wears blue dresses.
    Otherwise, we could have impeached this moron already.

  • Stuart Thiel

    Democrats ARE sexy — who ever heard of a great piece of elephant?
    (not my mot — it’s from a bumper sticker)

  • optimisticdem

    I think you need a picture of Al Gore up there too.

  • mdhatter

    hot, hot, hot

  • readytoblowagasket

    Wow, remember Arnold Schwarzenegger way back in 2003? How the Republicans fell all over themselves to propose marriage to him? He was supposed to sex up the entire party singlehandedly, terminate Gray Davis, and woo voters to support Bush in the ‘04 presidential election. It actually worked like a charm. Maybe the Dems are finally up to something.

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