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April 3, 2006

Playing Kissimmee!


(click pic for full effect)

With her campaign in free fall, maybe it makes sense not to look back.

People have been sending me pics of Katherine Harris for weeks now, but they all just seemed one-dimensional — mostly for their seductiveness.  This one is a little different, however.  Sure, it makes a nice ogling case study.  But the larger theme is about being out of touch.

I just saw “Thank You For Smoking” yesterday, and it hyper-inflated the idea.  Yes, Harris earns honors on any scale of political idiocy.  Right now, however, you could probably swap Lieberman, or that pandering McCain into Harris’ place, and you might end up with a similar alienation from an honest crowd.  Just because Harris gets treated (by her own encouragement) as a sex object doesn’t mean she isn’t also a wonderful caricature of today’s more routinely whoring politician.

(And, can you believe the pic was taken in the town of Kissimmee?)

(hat tip: ofc/

(image: Ed Sackett/Orlando Sentinel. Kissimmee, Florida.  Mar 26, 2006.)

  • oliviacw

    I really like this photo as a composition. The diagonal lines of the people at the table, and the warm tones in the background, contrast well with Harris’s upright posture and cool shirt and skin tones. I don’t know quite what she’s doing in the picture, with only one arm visible and that hand in an awkward position, but it looks like the other people in the photo aren’t sure of her either – no approval in their faces that I can see.
    Incidentally, the town is pronounced kuh-SIMM-ee, not KISS-a-mee (alas).

  • Daldianus

    She really likes to show her boobs from the side.
    What a moron.

  • mugatea

    The two guys on the right, well if they had laser beams coming out of thier eyes, her boobs might just blow up.
    The guy with the tie looks like he’s on the verge of a serious drool.
    She’s a geriatric porn star.
    She’s, like, Charo.

  • readytoblowagasket

    Are we sure she’s not a drag queen?

  • Karen

    Doesn’t it look like she’s stepping in front of a slide show? The compostion of the photo is really striking. Very painterly.
    What an unintentionally interesting character Ms. Harris is. Our era starts with her at a podium in Florida presenting a real life cariacature to the masses. I don’t know how it ends (for her or for us), but she’s done much to perpetuate the cartoon. I can only hope her anger at her political masters will keep her in the race until it’s too late to run a serious candidate.

  • Hubris Sonic

    Last Supper, Jesus. I mean, Jesus, The Last Supper.

  • Asta

    Harris looks like she’s waiting tables, and maybe after she loses her race, that’s what she’ll be doing, God willing.
    Well, waiting on tables or dancing on top of tables, doesn’t matter to me as long as she’s not in politics.

  • ummabdulla

    Asta, we’re on the same wavelength again… If I didn’t know who she was, I’d have thought she was the waitress, and one who’s pretty haggard and irritable after a long day.

  • weisseharre

    “Ah, Micky, You’re So Fine!”

  • Asta

    Ummabdulla, if you haven’t seen the Hannity & Colmes segment on Crooks and Liars, check this out:
    Scroll down to the Katherine Harris Shakes Her Booty section, about half way down the page. The video is really kinda scarey, she seems a bit out of control. All giddy and giggly and wiggly.
    Daldianus pointed out that Harris likes to stand sideways in photos to show off her new hooters (oh no, I just had another bad pun moment…I will refrain) and Daldianus is so on target! Katherine really likes showing off her $32,000 inserts.
    I wish I were a fly on the wall so I could find out just why her staff is jumping ship. Why now? Did she have a major personality shift after her surgery? Did the surgeons suck out her brains and stuff them into her bra??? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Chiaroscuro

    It’s sad, just sad and embarrassing. I couldn’t add a word to what Daldianus, mugatea, Karen, Hubris Sonic and Asta said.
    I have to wonder why this woman is doing this. Why is she in politics anyway? And if she truly aspires to the Senate, has she tried to gussy herself up in the hopes of getting some hot Republican sex in the Senate cloakroom?

  • Victor F

    the photographer used fill flash in this one. You can tell by the way her shirt is lit up, the dark circles under her eyes disappear. Highlighted not only by photographer, but by her shiny shirt and seductively (although in a kind of overtly sexual and creepy way) beckoning us to join her, and the people looking at her from behind. I think she wants us to sit next to her at the table. Maybe she’ll touch our hand while we’re talking about something pleasant, like the weather or something. Maybe she can attract the randy and otherwise superficial voters like this. I don’t know, it seems like desperation is the reason she’s overtly sexualizing herself (or maybe it’s other people sexualizing her? hard to tell any more). Nothing wrong with wanting to have sex, of course, but I feel that once we pass a certain developmental point, dressing like a 23-year-old sorostitute going to a tacky club to find a hookup just isn’t attractive. Hell, it’s not even attractive when you’re 23.
    I say the same for Dubya, getting decked out in his country/western clothes and strutting around his ranch like the Marlboro man. Overtly macho, overtly sexual (for the chicks/dudes into that kinda faux-cowboy thing, of course).
    What a superb selection to illustrate some of the superficiality in American politics. I’m sadly sure there is no short supply of this kind of thing.

  • Quentin

    The Repugnants now give us a shiny new concept of U.S. heterosexuality: the dirty old lady.

  • Megan

    She may seem a caricature to us, but she has the full attention of every man we can see in the picture. The blond woman on her right, though, has started wondering when they are going to come through with the coffee again.
    I think she looks good in her shiny blouse and I’m down with dirty old lady sexuality. But I wish that she were offering the people in her audience ideas rather than hospitality.

  • Quentin

    Megan, What does this mean: ‘…down with dirty old lady sexuality.’?

  • pasta65

    Is it just me or does it looks like her face has also undergone some dramatic changes the last couple of years? It looks different.
    The interesting thing about her campaign is that there is nothing of substance to talk about with regard to policy or her qualifications. Most comments and discussions about her have to do with her appearance as opposed to substance of her campaign and her record of public service. She has no past record of accomplishments and nothing remotely interesting to say, so all that is left is her various videos and public appearances in which she makes a fool of herself. Katherine Harris herself has injected sexuality into her campaign and it appears a sideways boob shot is all she’s got.
    It is really pathetic in an entertaining way.

  • ummabdulla

    Until today, I really only knew of Katherine Harris from the Florida recount.
    Now I know more about her than I ever want to… “sad and embarassing” about sums it up.
    In that Hannity & Colmes segment, she reminds me of a wannabe beauty queen who thinks she’s answering the questions in the final phase of the beauty pageant. And even for Fox News, it’s amazing that those guys can actually interview her as if she’s serious.

  • Rafael

    One word, FAKE!
    Everything about here looks fake, from her boobs, to her over streched face to her clothes to her posture. She is posing for the camera, but who would find her atractive? She is creeepy, for a party full of talk about moral values and codemnations of sex, Harris represents the full import of their lies, she, like the party she represents, is fake.

  • pissed off patricia

    The only thing natural and real about her is that she is to thank for our having bush in office to rip our country all to hell.

  • e_five

    Every picture she takes now is at a slight angle to accentuate the boobs. I assume she thinks the right one came out better because it’s always the one closest to the camera.

  • SqueakyRat

    I want to be her slave.

  • Asta

    SqueakyRat, if you leave your name and number in the bathroom stalls in Florida Waffle Houses, you could probably make your wish come true. Probably doesn’t matter if it’s MEN or WOMEN. But if Anne Coulter calls you, don’t be blaming me, I was just trying to help.

  • Jo

    She will never make it. She has to have long blood hair

  • rchsod

    well she should do well on the milf sites…well katy you were fun while you lasted

  • jt from BC

    “What’s it going to be then, eh?” ( Clockwork Orange )

  • Cactus

    It looks like any TGIF gathering I’ve been to at the local Mexican restaurant. Except Harris looks like the office manager that everybody hates. She’s the empty headed winger that the right seems to love. The Jessica Simpson of politics.
    There is something so grotesque about her that the words won’t leave my throat. Does ANYBODY take her seriously? She’s the female version of what John McCain is going to become: a grotesque, twisted caricature. As she frantically pumps up, smoothes out and tucks under, she realizes it’s all futile as her real internal horror becomes visible to us all.
    Yeah, yeah, the words escaped on their own.

  • BC

    Can anyone point me to a good set of before & after shots of Ms Harris’s bust? Don’t know why, but I love that stuff.
    To me, the expressions of the people of the diner say, “Who are you, exactly? Why do you think you have any right to determine how we live our lives? What could you possibly know about what we need from the Federal government, and about what we’re willing to pay in taxes to get those things delivered? When, and why, did we let all three branches of government get taken over by thick-headed, superficial, trust-fund china dolls who ooze hypocrisy, cynicism and condescension from every sunkissed, spa-treated pore?” If the Dems play their cards right (an admittedly iffy proposition), the 2006 election will end up being about more and more people asking
    precisely those questions.

  • retrogrouch

    I’ve seen this witch close up several times on Adams Street in downtown Tallahassee (where all the pols and lobbyists strut), and she was always dressed in porn star high heels, short skirts, and pancake makeup. But then most Republican women of a certain age are dressed like that, at least a few years before they go through their Babs Bush transition.
    She’s most likely had plastic surgery on her face (and God knows what else besides her boobies). This sort of thing is routine for the upper class, based on fear of aging, the need to compete for males, etc. She reminds me of one of those characters on Desperate Housewives, the boss of Felicity Huffman’s character, an aging sex goddess facing the cliff of no longer being desirable for her looks, so she primps and cuts and flirts, subconciously intending to go out in a blaze of estrogenic glory.
    There’s a local story about her going to some state politician’s hotel room to chat about some issue, and when he opened the door, he first thought she was a hooker. She certainly looks the part up close. It’ll freak you out.

  • momly

    I’m posting before reading any other comments, so forgive me in advance for being repetitive, but I need to get this out….
    Everyone is looking at her boobs.

  • momly

    Okay, I’ve read all the rest of them and YES. Exactly. Every word.
    Especially this new one “sorostitute”. That took me completely by surprise and now I have some mopping up to do.
    She looks pretty darn determined, though. Perkily determined, as if she is going to be elected simply by smiling a lot. There seems to be precedent for that…
    As to the Crooks and Liars post, someone in the comments made the remark that all Katherine Harris has is spunk and moxy. It’s what she’s named her breasts.

  • SqueakyRat

    Asta –
    I’ll try that, thanks.

  • readytoblowagasket

    (Ohmygod, I’m wiping the tears away from laughing at every comment. This will be the best comment thread of 2006. “Spunk” and “moxie”!)

  • Rafael

    Momly, I she can’t help but smile. All that skin stretching makes it hard for her to close her mouth!

  • steve talbert

    i like how her hand is an open gesture welcoming people into her womb… like suggesting.. “want some of this, too?” everyone at the restaurant behind looks sated.
    my god politicians now are all whores and not statesmen (or stateswomen)..

  • LanceThruster

    “Coochi, coochi!” – Charo

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