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April 4, 2006

If The Shoe Drops, Bear It (Or: Sole-full Goodbye)





A few takes:

The media would never have had the balls to run an image like this while DeLay was still politically viable.

My finger got tired clicking through Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Senate photo album.  One thing I found out though, is that the Senator rarely wears black and hardly ever dons this multi-strand pearl neckace.  So, maybe she wanted to emphasize that politicians can still have class?  Or, knowing she was to appear with the poster boy for sleaze, perhaps she was in mourning.

Only after the fact do they get introspective.

…Well, no more wrestling with all those damn lapel pins.

Talk about irony!  These shots — hot off the newswire yesterday — were taken about two weeks ago at a news conference dedicated to increase federal funding for Texas law enforcement.  (Now there’s an issue “The Hammer” could afford some boning up on.)


(images: David J. Phillip/A.P.  March 21, 2006.  Houston, Texas.  Via YahooNews)

  • Asta

    There are many times when I enjoy TheBag’s artwork, graphic effects more than the photo offered for comments. This is one of those times. Very creative, particularly the “scrolling down” to follow the dotted line.
    The Hammer looks rather hammered. And oily. Perhaps he should consider a career move to become a country western singer. He has the hair for it. Katherine Harris could be June Carter to his Johnny Cash. Except that such a comparison is an insult to Cash and Carter.

  • marysz

    What happened to the smirk DeLay had on his face when he had his mug shot taken? Something happened to wipe the smile off his face. The next stop for Tom (besides jail) will be some mail-order divinity school. Look for him to get religious as a way of trying to weasel out of his legal problems.

  • black dog barking

    In normal times and contexts the color of the former Majority Leader’s tie references the U of T Longhorns. In the light of fellow former Congressman Duke Cunningham’s recent change of address it’s looking more like Lockup Orange. Apparently the Hammer couldn’t get his case transferred to the same Texas jurisdiction that investigated the Cheney shooting.
    Republican red is drifting orange.

  • momly

    Is the far away look in his eyes a sign of reflection on past misdeeds or an accounting of who else will go into the abyss with him?

  • nothingruler

    I wish it were so, marysz, but Delay’s next stop after jail will most likely be lobbying.

  • mugatea

    Yes, he’s going to be more dangerous now, less transparent.
    Wish that Bag shoe was a piano or a safe.

  • Victor F

    I laughed out loud at the pic of all those cops behind DeLay. Great find!
    I wonder if the photographer saw that one coming and got a kick out of it, too.

  • readytoblowagasket

    Orange becomes Tom, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the fed-issued orange jumpsuit. Former aides Tony Rudy and Michael Scanlon seem willing to take Tom’s measurements; Jack Abramoff surely has threaded the needle. Amazing what a little plea bargaining will do among friends.
    Not merely wishful thinking in the lefty blogosphere, from the San Jose Mercury News: “Signs point to federal investigators zeroing in on DeLay.”

  • itwasnt me

    Now that he’s out, we’ll be hearing more dirt from the chicken-hearts who were only silenced from fear of him. You gotta hate somebody who’ll kill your career if you disagree with him. The cheering hoards who applauded him on his way out remind me of North Koreans or any other peoples subject to death unless they cheered their dear leader. I can’t wait. Good fun shoe, BAG.

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