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March 22, 2006

The Latest Make Over


Media Matters (link) has a good summary of WAPO’s “political adjustment.”

3/24/06 Update: WAPO Blogger Domenech Resigns


  • itwasnt me

    BAG, you’re brilliant.

  • hauksdottir

    And is that a picture of a Red Dawn smack in the middle? ;^) Brilliant!
    In order to strike balance, WaPo will probably choose a female operative next time. Coulter or Comstock?
    I do wonder at Rove and blackmail, when it comes to the publishers. For the NYT and WaPo to both sit on stories at the White House’s request, implies that Rove has some serious dirt on somebody at the top.
    Meanwhile, I wouldn’t put either of them on the bottom of my kitty litter box.

  • Cactus

    Obviously WAPO hasn’t had its head far enough up Darth or Geedub’s derriere. They can’t seem to win the competition against NYT…..until they hit on this brilliant solution. But don’t look for anyone from the left/progressive side to be invited to the party. The neocons have all learned neo-math: one left comment equals one permanent right blogger. What, you don’t recognize balance?

  • jonst

    Woudld that it were true that Rove has some dirt on them. It would at least give them a sounder reason to cave. I think they cave because they simply want to be ‘on the team’…in with the ‘in-crowd’, on the “A list” for the parties. You don’t even have to blackmail these guys.

  • readytoblowagasket

    You nailed it, jonst.

  • marysz

    Yet, at the same time, the Post is mystified by the fact that its circulation is declining! The predominantly African-American and growing Latino population of the DC area has no interest in reading the Washington Post’s right-wing drivel. The Post is dependent on aging, white conservative readers, a declining share of the population. They’re shooting themselves in the foot.

  • ummabdulla

    “Would that it were true that Rove has some dirt on them. It would at least give them a sounder reason to cave.”
    Sad but true… What happened to the Washington Post of the Watergate days?

  • Cactus

    ummabdulla: The same thing that happened to the Bob Woodward of the Watergate days…..

  • ummabdulla

    You’re right, Cactus. Apparently he’s not worried about his legacy…

  • readytoblowagasket

    Every time I try to open that “3/24/06 Update: WAPO Blogger Domenech Resigns” link, it crashes my computer. If you don’t already know, it’s worth noting that Ben Domenech, the 24-yr-old author of the Red America blog, resigned on Friday because he has a bad habit of *plagiarizing* other people’s work. You’re entitled to free speech in this country unless it’s already copyrighted, Ben.
    The NYT must be loving it:
    So is Daily Kos:

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