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January 11, 2006

Alito Watch: Day Three Visual Round Up

There were plenty of good images from yesterday’s Alitofest.   For example:


Accompanying Sidney Blumenthal’s characterization of Alito as Willie Loman, Salon offers a symbol of our new imperial presidency in honor of the SCOTUS nominee who blithely supports it.


WAPO captures Mrs. Alito wiping away tears (and winning the crocodile
vote) before she is overcome and has to leave the room.  Although the
Dems never laid a rhetorical glove on her man, Republican Lindsey
Graham produced this "empathy moment" by blaming them for doing so.  (… By the way, does anybody peg that boy scout from South Carolina any better than Digby in applying the Huckleberry moniker?)



Nearing the finish line, Alito went the conciliatory route today with the understated blue tie.  Still, given the scene outside (actually yeah, I think the Scalito Dancers were standing by), you’d think there was some kind of orchestrated campaign going on.  Quick, hand me that baby!

(image 1: Illustration
unattributed. January 11, 2006.; image 2: Melina Mara/WAPO.
January 11, 2006.  Washington.  images 3 & 4:
Lauren Victoria Burke/A.P. January 11, 2006.  Washington.  Via YahooNews.)

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