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December 17, 2005

Foul Trouble


Is it that hard to see that Robert Novak’s disinhibition is getting worse?  This time, RN assumed he was speaking off the record when he stated, during an address to the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, that Bush knows who blew Valerie Plame’s cover.

As Novak returns his CNN washroom key and heads over to FOX, Carpetbagger suggests the new team is a better match for a man of Novak’s ideology and ethical standards.  With probably a better take on Novak’s character, however, Carpet’s commenter, GP, suggests that Novak’s turncoat tendencies should cause even FOX to "watch its back."


Perhaps the top image captures some of old Bob’s caustic nature. The
second shot, however, seems to carry more editorial toxicity. Who
knows, maybe Novak’s ten closest friends just got up and headed for the
concession stand. Either way, the isolation is palpable. Besides the
"lonely Bob," the flat mood and collective inattention suggests a
depressed man who no longer gets much from his game.

(image 1: Joshua Roberts/Reuters. College
Park, Maryland, December 11, 2005. Via YahooNews. image 2: Manuel Balce
Ceneta/A.P. College Park, Maryland, December 11, 2005. Via YahooNews.)

  • momly

    He looks like he has a “sour stomach”.

  • itwasntme

    I’m frankly skeptical of anybody who becomes a practicing Catholic late in life (as Novak did). It’s akin to deciding to believe in fairies when you’re 60. So anything this guy has done after that I have examined for logic and/or magical thinking, and found plenty to reinforce my skepticism. The man shown here regretfully shows his age (with mental capacity to match). This happens to us all, but hopefully we will know when to bow out of the fray when we are no longer up to the fight.

  • Marysz

    And what’s with the tacky red vest? Is this because it’s the holiday (oops, I meant to say Christmas) season–is Novak being a grouchy Santa? As someone who was bought up Catholic, I concur completely with itwasme–anyone who would convert to Catholicism at Novak’s age has serious psychological problems. From the looks of the pictures, Novak was such a sourpuss that no one wanted to sit with him. He must also be in a snit because the focus of the Plame (better known as Treasongate) investigation has moved away from him. He’s had his fifteen minutes of fame. Of course, he dropped a bombshell during his speech, but the docile media establishment has held neither him nor Bush accountable for their actions. Maybe the special prosecutor Fitzgerald will. Like so many of the actors in the Wilson-Plame saga, Novak would be all too happy to throw Bush overboard if it meant saving his own skin. There’s no honor among thieves.

  • Cactus

    He thought his comments were off the record…….in front of a crowd?? Puhleeze! He’s been in the business since W was a baby and he very well knows the score inside the Beltway. That, coupled with his walking off the set at CNN, indicates the petulance of someone losing mental acuity.
    As for his isolation, most people know when you play with a rat, it tends to behave like a rat.

  • gleex

    Yeah, comments off the record in a speech thats a good one. This guy is often refered to as Novacula by the “liberal” bloggers. I think that handle fits his look and personality (at least TV projected personality) to a T.

  • chris

    I watched the Alastair Sim black and white version of A Christmas Carol (1951) on DVD last night. There’s a scene where Jacob Marley and Scrooge are sitting around a table during a cut-throat business deal and I swear Scrooge has the same look and body language as Novak.

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