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November 11, 2005

The “See Through” Administration


Cheney is someone who is simultaneously so slick and so arrogant, one part of him operates with complete deniability while another part operates in open defiance.

That’s why I think this shot — of Ahmad Chalabi leaving the State Department after meeting with Rice on Wednesday — is the perfect visual metaphor.  Rice and Cheney made no effort to conceal the fact that they were meeting this past week with their bad boy, the Deputy Prime Minister of American-controlled Iraq. At the same time, they hide behind diplomatic necessity to cover up the fact they continue to play ball with the man who was their primary co-conspirator in doctoring the pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

If I was Chalabi, and I was still able to work behind the stamp of the U.S. government, I’d be smiling too.

(image: Yuri Gripas/A.P. November 9, 2005. Washington.  Via YahooNews)

  • itwasntme

    I think Cheney was offering to GIVE iraq to this Chalabi – get it off his hands. BTW, I have a completely unproven theory about faces, and Cheney is a good model for it. My theory is that one side of the face reveals the inner person and the other half the public, outer person. By covering up one half of a persons face in a photo, one can clearly see it, and cheney is a good example. I always cover up half his face and see what each one is saying. His mouth is so lopsided in every shot it is easy to see the public smile and the inner real hardness. I can even venture a guess as to which persons are left handed or right handed. Try it yourselves and see what I mean, with any face you choose. Also, I love the photo of Rice with Bahraini Minister on Yahoo today, both stony faced. Rice has an unusually even-sided face, BTW, probably indicating a balanced person who doesn’t hide her inner thoughts from herself too much.

  • Rafael

    Curious that this shot has Chalabi face covered by the seal of the United States of America, as if he had been goverment tested and aproved. Except that he has failed all the test and only has neocon aproval, but if that is good enough for the AEI then its good enough for Cheney.

  • ummabdulla

    Is Ahmed Chalabi much more charming in person? Because just by seeing pictures of him, I can’t figure out how so many people get taken in by him.

  • readytoblowagasket

    Every time I read The BAG’s first sentence, I misread “slick” as “sick.”
    This image is the perfect visual metaphor, and Chalabi’s greedy grin gives me the creeps.

  • jt from B.C.

    There you will get some idea of Chalabi’s incredible journey and remarkable adventures. I don’t know if he’s charming but possesses in abundance ‘the right stuff’ which attracts neocons both far and wide.
    His abilities and character are a synthesis of Midas + DNA extracted from The Emperor’s New Suit.
    He is not a work in process, he is the complete product.

  • lightkeeper

    To be honest, most of these guys look straight out of Orwell’s Animal Farm, particularly Scott McLellan, the WH spokesperson. He almost squeaks like I would expect Squealer to squeak whilst convincing the animals that Napolean is their saviour.

  • dus7

    Pic: At first glance it’s like a lace-curtained window. ‘What goes on behind closed curtains?’ Then the text mentions Dept. of State, “Department of S” is clearly visible, and I think ‘that’s an Important Place, part of My government, and that evil, or at least Bad, man is more welcome than I, an honest and caring person, would be.’Everything is being de-valued by this Administration.
    itwasntme: I have long thought that unmatched eyes are meaningful, not necessarily evil as in Tom Delay’s and Sen. Frist’s, but indicative perhaps of a mind doing two quite different things at once. Rice does seem very focussed (no particular pun intended) such that her intentions, which are seldom in the interests of the rest of us, look malevolent. She often appears to be casting an evil spell.

  • readytoblowagasket

    Maybe I’m misremembering, but it seemed like Condi fell completely off the radar during the Scooter Libby indictment drama. I do remember noticing her absence at one point and wondering where she was. Suddenly, she’s front-and-center again, with a burst of busy, busy, busy. I don’t like it when she’s busy, because I know she’s up to no good. The recent machinations of the WH — since the nomination of Scalito — feel like the gang has come out of the huddle, they’ve used all their time-outs, and they’re scrambling to make as many plays as they can before the clock runs out.

  • Cactus

    Sometimes the corruption of this administration is so evident, it just leaves me speechless.

  • martin

    I came back to this image after a few days. Initially it had sent me into that hyperbolic ‘tell yr friends’ mode. Drunk ‘n dialling used to be the pre-broadband rephrain. He photos badly; he seems to have a reptillian charm that maybe an orthodontist or crocodile specialist could explain.
    But in the week that adroit commentators like Juan Cole have informed me of Jordans supra worries, that YET more people are killed, we see a veiled (sic) image of a smiling man on 17 seperate Jordaini indictments emerging from the State Dept. Smiling. Incidentally, he is deputy prime minister.
    Dont it make you wonder/wander

  • Jo

    Quisling always pops into my mind when I hear of this man. Behind the seal he sure looks like ours.

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