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October 30, 2005

Your Turn: Rove View Mirror


If there's one image I found most interesting over the past few days, it's this one, from Friday's NYT — published the morning of the Fitzgerald press conference.

Considering the number of photos I mull over, my reaction to this one was unique.  When I came across it in the paper, I instantly felt it was perfect.  At the same time, however, I keep coming up with conflicting explanations as to why. 

Given the incisive job you did on the DeLay and Bush/Bono post last weekend, I'm going to leave this visual in your hands.

(Not to contaminate the conversation, but I thought I'd also toss in one political angle making the rounds.  According to Jeralyn at TalkLeft, via Hullabaloo, she thinks the reason Rove wasn't charged is because he's made a deal with Fitzgerald.)

What is so telling about this?

(revised 10/30/05 9:02 am PST)

(image; Doug Mills/NYT.  October 28, 2005.  White House.  New York Times. p. A14.)

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