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October 1, 2005

The Machine May Be Wearing Down And Overflowing With Dirt But It Still Runs A Spin Cycle


  • Mathieu

    I see no attribution, so I conclude we have you to thank for that little gem :)

  • Asta

    That is so excellent. So funny and so true.

  • Gary

    May I conclude that BushCo is spinning out of control? Nice metaphor. I look forward to seeing the cartoon with a washing machine that has destroyed itself and its surroundings.
    Or we could go back to that other metaphor of the wheels coming off. It would also be funny to see that car hit a bridge abutment. Sort of funny.
    Everything violent can be hilarious – as long as it’s a cartoon.

  • Gary

    Wow. I just noticed that Roberts’ smile make a smile whether it’s upside down – or not.

  • The BAG

    The BAGnews cartoon may have gone, but the inspiration endures (as do the spare parts). Expect to see more. Afterall, liberals do not live by vitriol (or, The Daily Show) alone!
    (I guess this also means nobody saw my Republican Convention Olympic Diving Competition coverage, either.)

  • hauksdottir

    Unfortunately, no matter how much spinning goes on, when the door pops open all the dirty laundry falls to the floor in an untidy heap. Someday they’ll remember to use detergent. Maybe they can hire Saruman’s orcs as henchmen? The ones currently in the White House don’t seem to be able to do more than create unplumbed cesspools. Saruman’s orcs kept the crumbs out of the tower and the stains out of the robes, so even that would be an improvement!

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