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October 31, 2005

Samuel, Bill and Rosa



Reviewing the Alito launch, the most interesting pics seemed to involve the judge’s family.

Given that both of these photos featured Democratic icons, you have to wonder if there was specific intention to infuse the nomination with populist symbolism.  Especially in the latter shot, the choice to hold the ceremony in the White House’s Cross Hall, and to position the family in front of Clinton, couldn’t have been completely accidental, could it?

One might ask the same question about the family portrait with the coffin of Rosa Parks.  Of course, the nomination and Parks’ resting in state in the Capitol rotunda were completely random events.  However, once Bush/Rove set the Monday morning surprise, (hoping, of course, to get last week’s scent of Harriet, PlameGate and military fatalities out of the air), Rosa’s availability might have seemed opportune.

Overall, the liberal ’sphere has been filled with hope, rumor and conjecture regarding Rove’s demise.  Maybe it’s coming, but I think he made a strong showing today, using one stroke to take some wind out of the vultures circling the White House.

(image: Larry Downing/Reuters.  Capitol Rotunda, Washington. October 31, 2005. Via YahooNews.  image 2: Mannie Garcia/Reuters. October 31, 2005. White House. Via YahooNews.)

  • Miles Archer
  • jonst

    yeah the picture of Frist and Alito at Parks viewing is priceless. It does not get any better than this. I am sure, dead sure, those guys were great Rosa Parks lovers. You can not make this stuff up.

  • ummabdulla

    In the picture with Rosa Parks’ casket, is that a shadow behind them? At first glance, I thought it was one of those human shapes used for target practice! In the center of the head it looks like there’s a number (for points scored), and the flowers look like an explosion as a result of someone hitting it in the torso.
    I’m not in need of counseling or something, am I? ;)

  • Gasho

    Special Halloween Effects, to boot !!
    If you look square at the coffin (very halloween, no?) tell me that your eyes don’t see a witch between the two politicos.
    It’s true, right?

  • marcus o’lielly

    Coppola couldn’t have correographed this one any better.

  • Lt. Bighorn

    The only thing missing is having Trent Lott in the photo, saying something to the effect that “if that uppity Negro had known her place and gone to the back of the bus, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years”.
    Frist and Alito look awfully uncomfortable. Something tells me it isn’t the same level of discomfort that most people have at funerals. It’s obvious that these men have made their entire careers a mission to halt and reverse the trend towards civil rights that Rosa Parks symbolized.
    Who are the other people in the picture? Whose statue glowers upon the scene?
    To use the remains of Rosa Parks as a prop for a photo-op is distasteful, to say the least, especially given the records of the two radical right-wing Republicans involved.

  • Marysz

    What a sham. White, right-wing Republicans pose hypocritically by the coffin of a black woman arrested on a segregated bus because she refused to give up her seat to a white man akin to Alito and Frist. Are they hoping some of her integrity will rub off on them? Look at the expression on the faces of the people in this crass photo-op. They resemble the false expressions on the faces of Administration officials at the memorial service at the National Cathedral for the victims of Katrina. They look more like they’re scowling than grieving. They’re in a snit that they have to make this show of reverence about a woman they couldn’t care less about and a civil rights movement they’d roll back in a second if they had a chance.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    R.I.P. … Harriet Miers
    the shadow figure between Frist & Scalito is way-weird !
    ( the stanchion = phallus and balls on Scalito’s son is hot :)
    i’m sure Scalito’s kids, Phil & Laura ~ are just itching to join up with your proud troops, serving in IRAQ!

  • readytoblowagasket

    I notice that Frist is wearing his sad-face for the sad occasion. Meanwhile, in his “tribute” for the event (posted on his website, of course), he manages to negate Rosa Parks’ long life of remarkable activism against racial segregation in his first sentence:
    “Rosa Parks’ bold and principled refusal to give up her seat was not an intentional attempt to change a nation, but a singular act aimed at restoring the dignity of the individual.”
    Um, WRONG. Rather than do even the minimal amount of homework, Frist just spews whatever bullshit he thinks sounds good. Does he even know that Parks ever stepped foot in his home state, to train at the Highlander Center in New Market, Tennessee, in July 1955 — five months before her history-making act of civil disobedience in Alabama? Unlikely. In his soul (if he has one), Frist will always be a member of the all-white Belle Meade Country Club.
    This photo is truly bizarre. I can hardly stand it.

  • readytoblowagasket

    Actually, after I posted I read Gonzo’s post, and his stanchion observation helped IMMENSELY (so to speak)! Thanks, Gonzo.

  • Purple

    As to the stanchion, well, these guys do have balls.

  • coal_train

    Do rich white folks ever honor a live negro?

  • bg

    Probably the only way to be in a picture with an old black woman is if she is dead in a coffin.
    What is truly creepy is the picture of the wife and children with Bill. Mom has a very puffed up posture, and she has removed her glasses. (Men, even in portraits, do not make passes at lasses with glasses.) She and the son look like they have let the cat out of the bag. They look to their right. Meanwhile the daughter looks in the same direction (left) and has the same mouth as Bill.

  • sarik

    Yes…this pic (the one Miles put up a link for) is the one I originally saw…where it looks like Clinton’s hand is on the daughter’s shoulder. It looks like a dark square was put over the pic on this site…just below the flag. What’s up with that?
    Also, on the White web site, they mixed up the people in the captions…unless he really is married to someone who looks like a young boy, and his son is in a Santa suit.

  • Evil_Ed

    The son looks really bored.

  • gleex

    I would anticipate that after we see the legacy of Alito, and compare it will the legacy of Rosa Parks, that they will have been opposites in the persuit of equal rights and justice for all. That sours my outlook on this picture.
    I thought it was wonderful for the memory of Rosa Parks to be honored in this way, may she rest in peace. I am sure her life and death has lead to miracles and I hope she is sainted.
    I think it was a bit sad that Rove ran Alito out there for a photo. I have heard a few of Alito’s positions and you could make the argument that had he been on the court Rosa would not have been lain in capital rotunda (by that I mean set us back a few decades). Speculation only, time will tell.
    I do think that this was a planned photo op as well. Of course they are going to snap photos of everyone. But this was coordinated. The casket is big in the foreground which is nice, sometimes the people in the trenches make a difference… but more often than not its the people in the background who lay down the rules. Everyone lined up nice, the power brokers Frist and Alito between that giant iron bust statue. It did make me a bit sick hearted to see this, especially thinking of what Rosa did, and what Alito has done thus far.
    Now not appearing would have been an issue as well, so I am not going to damn anyone. But that is still my opinion, feeling, and suspicion. The analysis would also seem to point to contrived photo op (the rest of the photo content aside).
    Side note: That red tie on Frist does not show proper respect to Rosa. And I agree with the previous comment on only being around for the death…how many of those people celebrated the life or events that were critical to our nation and the civil rights movement. I am guessing many in power today fought against these changes, they would say not as “activist judges”, but as part of their “conservative philosophy”.
    As for the Clinton photo, what a joke. Look at the shit eating grin they have one their face. They are there to “battle” the “other” side.

  • momly

    What do you suppose Ma is thinking as she stands there under Clinton’s portrait?
    1- You sumbeetch, I’ll get you for making me stand this close to teh devil.
    2 – Ha! I can’t wait for my hubby to gut the liberal agenda!
    3 – Wow! He really IS hot!

  • gleex

    It also strikes me that these white power brokers in the background also are given the perception that the coffin is almost being trod underfoot (not quite since its at about waste level).
    Their “sad face” also looks a bit hollow (fake). Alito’s is the most realistic sad face.
    At least Alito had the respect to collect his hands rather than letting them hang in boredom or just not knowing what to do with them like Bill Frist and Alito’s son.
    A small semi-interesting detail is how Alito and Frist are leaning into eachother, as are the daughter and wife, and the son off to the side. I guess the money shot is Frist and Alito and they are the peas in a pod for the shot. I dunno if it means anything. It seems a more personal and family thing, so why lean into Frist. Of course it is a photo op, and also a place to show reserve, and I guess this is kind of a Frist – Alito meeting.
    I would hope that they are being awed and shamed (in a good way!). Rosa will be remembered long after these powerful rich folk, and I hope her cause and effect will be felt over their’s as well.

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