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August 24, 2005

U Turn


At first I thought they looked Amish.

As I get over my moratorium on writing about Israel, I thought it would be interesting to get your thoughts on this Economist cover.  This edition was actually published in advance of the settlement evacuations — so it preceded  all the drama- (or histrionic-)filled photos that accompanied the event itself. 

Despite all the actual photo documentation, I’m wondering if this cover relates the situation with more poignancy and clarity.  For one reason, it seems to speaks to the departure in the context of its aftermath.  It is also an interesting portrait of the settlers themselves.  Also, I’m drawn to its strong use of the road metaphor.  (With Camp Casey just down the way from Bush’s ranch, and all the various Bush administration " asphalt shots" I’ve featured in the past weeks, the road seems to be some kind of sign these days.)

Your interpretations?

(Autoposted for your review while the BAG is crawling in or out of a tent somewhere.)

(The Economist magazine.  Cover image. August 13, 2005.)

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