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June 3, 2005

Bushman of Africa


So, how did this picture come about this week?  And why did it go by so fast?  And why all the groping?

Could it be because Tony Blair is coming to Washington next week … and Blair has thrown his personal prestige behind raising an additional $25 billion for Africa from the world’s richest nations … and, Blair needs Bush to double America’s share … and Blair feels he needs to make this happen in time for the Group of Eight summit meeting next month in Scotland … and Bush isn’t budging … and Blair isn’t backing down … and Bush has hardly raised a finger over Africa since making a a very promising trip several years ago (“Bush Continues To Be Moved“) … and Blair’s visit also spotlights the issue of Darfur … and Bush hardly mentions Darfur … and Bush has been getting some heat about it for a while now (Day 113 of the President’s Silence;  Day 141 of Bush’s Silence; Evangelicals Urge Bush to Do More for Sudan) … and Bush also had South African President Thabo Mbeki here this week pressing for help for the continent (Bush Maintains Opposition to Doubling Aid for Africa) … so Bush finally had to at least say something about Darfur … (but Bush will do almost anything not to get pulled into the situation, or even get his fingerprints on it) … and because Powell was his go-to guy on Africa … and — even though he resents Bush for treating him like a doormat  — Powell’s nature is to always be the good soldier … and because Powell is on record as calling Darfur a genocide …  Bush showed up at Colin’s front door (with half the Washington press corp in tow), and rather than fully embrace Colin’s view– he just embraced Colin instead.

(image: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. May 31, 2005 in YahooNews)

  • mugatea

    This embrace seems a tad one sided.
    It reminded me of when he first embraced Greenspan, awkward and forced as if he was insrtucted to do so.
    Don’t forget in his previous administration Shrub had twice as many blacks as he does now.
    If Colin wanted to he could “Deep Throat” Shrub into a convicted War Criminal. It’s in Shub’s interest and the Republican’s to hump Colin’s leg for the rest of his life.

  • LAT

    What I want to know is why Bush likes to hug men so much?
    And why was their a gay prostitute in the White House Press pool?
    And why is Laura just a “lump in the bed” to him?
    And why is there rumors that he and Victor Ashe had a trist in college?
    Oh, well… the corporate media will never tell us because it doesn’t involve a pretty, young white girl with a blue dress.

  • Joe

    He LOOKS coked up to his fuckin eyeballs and Powell is helping him back into the house!

  • putnam

    It looks like Bush is about to push Powell’s head down and put him in a headlock.
    But Powell will sweep Bush’s feet from under him. The bigger man will fall on top of Bush, pull his own head free and pummel Bush at will.

  • Jeb

    Looks to me like a mugging … Bush is saying “Look over there at the cameras Colin!” while he feels for Old Man Africa’s wallet …

  • putnam

    Bush is wearing high heels again.

  • pragmatic_realist

    Bush’s head has thrown Powell’s face so deep in shadow that I could not recognize who it is unless you told me.

  • Asta

    Putnam, actually W does wear lifts. If you look closely at his shoes in this photo, you can see that the soles of his shoes are 1-2 inches thick, maybe more.
    Anyone here remember when Bushie had wooden sidewalks built for him for his appearances during the re-selection campaigns? The sidewalks gave him almost 12 inches of height over his audiences. He’s really 5′10″ but he NEEDS the illusion of being taller than everyone else.

  • Edward Teague

    ” He’s really 5′10″ but he NEEDS the illusion of being taller than everyone else. ”
    KIm il Sung the Dear Leader is/was frequently portrayed with happy smiling schoolchildren, as he was .. horizontally chalenged… Tony Balir who is I guess 6′1″ 6′2″ don’t need that excuse. He just appears with kids and makes major policy announcments because they take instrcution bettre and dosn’t ask damn fool questions about his absurd Stalinist policies…. like why do we have over 400 Dispersal Orders in place that means all children under 16 have to be home by ? Why can children not congregate in more than pairs in the street ?
    Yes folks that’s liberal, touchy , feely, democratic, UK today.
    Hugging Powell – guess he made a mistake and thought it was his present Sec of Sate, the Whore on terror.

  • Asta

    Edward, did you address the Dispersal Orders issue in greater depth in your blog? If so, please direct me. If not, then please do so, I had not heard about this and I find the very idea simply disturbing. I would like to hear more.
    Sounds like Blair is afraid of teeny boppers. And we sure don’t need young minds learning how to think and exchange ideas, do we?

  • Bluegrass Poet

    Is it lifts that make W’s walk look so awkward or just the extra-long steps he takes so he can “swagger”? (I can’t tell but it could be black cowboy boots in this pic.)
    I’ve been trying to figure out — not very hard — for five years or so why a man who is supposed to be so athletic looks so clumsy and uncomfortable in his body.
    And his suits don’t fit well, no matter how expensive, but that may be the kevlar vests.
    It’s of a piece with what is wrong with Laura Bush’s eyes.
    A Stepford couple?

  • simon

    What about the way the media and BushCo have made a noise about that nasty thug Mugabe, but not peeped about the million people killed in the Congo? So even what interest they have expressed about Africa in the past is skewed.

  • Diane

    This photo literally makes me nausious. Don’t know why. Maybe the suggestion of the small monkey clinging to the larger, surer man? Maybe I’m sickened by a person who is supposed to be so powerful showing thru body language that he’d like to BE Collin Powell, a figure he clearly wants people to think he’s close to?

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