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June 10, 2005

Bolton-ed On


I know the BAG’s visual analysts at-large are going to have a field day with this one.

Here are a few of my takes:

I love the black-and-white. It’s brilliant. What better expression of this Cheney clone. It’s not even metaphorical. This guy is the picture of severity!  (This is in contrast to Howard Dean, who can say a lot of dumb things but remains colorful.)

This guys unacceptability is never more obvious then when you see his head on a woman’s body. From what I’ve read, he didn’t discriminate much regarding which gender he pushed around. With the high level of scrutiny in the Washington fishbowl, however, you’d think he would have pulled his punches more with women.

What’s wrong with the Democrats that we don’t see more simple and searingly creative expressions like this at a point where the Repubs are carrying SO much baggage on SO many issues?

I like the alignment of the Capitol.  The building looks like Bolton’s hat.

The other very very clever visual tag line embodied here (whether intended or not) is:  “The more you see of him, the worse he looks.” 

Prediction:  Harry (The Parliamentarian) Reid kicks Bill (Not Ready For Prime Time) Frist’s behind on this one.  I doubt Bolton will ever sees his up-or-down day in court. 

Your turn.

(Note: Unintended Dean comment struck 6/11/05 11:32am PST)

(image: Brendan Smialowski/AFP – File.  June 9, 2005 in YahooNews.)

  • Joseph E. Riehl

    What exactly are the “dumb things” Dean has said? Do you really believe this or are you just jumping on the Bash Dean Bandwagon because he has the courage to shake things up and say what most of us already know? I.e. Republicans are overwhelmingly white and christian. Their programs are destructive.
    Is that dumb?

  • The BAG

    I’m a big Dean supporter. If he’s going to “slash and burn” though, I think he should be directing the heat at the Republican leadership rather than making generalizations about Republicans as a group. I just don’t think it’s productive, for example, to say that the majority of Republicans don’t work for a living. There’s plenty of blood to draw from the likes of DeLay, Bolton, Bush, Cheney, Baker, etc. Why slice up the sheep instead of revealing to them they are being mislead?

  • merchanna

    Yeah, really. Bush is the idiot, Dean isn’t. Anyway, the image is good. It portrays how Bolton will impose his own narrow views on the world, not the wishes of how Americans wish to be represented as individuals of all colors and beliefs that we are.

  • mugatea

    If confirmed Bolton would represent all of us (US) to the world, his actions would be ours. So I like this protest — placing his face on everybody. Good, good. The floppy part in his hair, the goofy mustache make him a Hitler-like icon — the black&white image seems to bring that out a bit more.
    Prediction: Howard Dean will soon depart his current position to fill Bernie Sanders’ seat in the House (2006).

  • Diane

    A truly inspired bit of graphic design/political statement. (The die-cut on the sign is expensive to do, and I see some committed ad person going to the wall to insist the money be spent on it). I was reminded of a poster for a zombie movie. Bolton sees (most republican leaders see?) everything in black and white,and want us to agree with them – everybody line up in an annonymous pack like this one. When I dislike someone, I can’t help thinking they are physically ugly (like Bolton). But to gain balance, I tried to imagine Bolton as a kindly old storyteller and look at the face again. Sorry, it didn’t work. the guy’s uglier than a walrus.

  • Asta

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To speak of many things.
    Of oil and nukes and import tax,
    of idiot Boy Kings,
    Any why the sea is boiling hot
    and whether pigs have wings.”
    – Not quite “Alice in Wonderland”.

  • Hubris Sonic

    Dean is working really hard everyday visiting all 50 states, building the grassroots network we need to win. I for one dont mind him attacking republicans.

  • Hubris Sonic

    oh, and your right, the black and white “makes” this image.

  • Hubris Sonic

    check out bartcop for the scoop on the AP misquoting Dean. He was directing his remarks at the leadership.
    and we shouldnt be critical in public.

  • Joseph E. Riehl

    Dear the BAG,
    Maybe there’s some room for reasonable Liberals to argue that Dean is too aggressive. I personally don’t think so. But, it’s just not necessary to slam Dean in order to make a point about Bolton. The remark about “dumb things” was purely gratuitous. Dean is the target of the Republican spin machine now, and there’s no need to help those guys out. After all the Bush lies, there’s plenty of justification for Dean’s righteous anger.

  • Kerstin

    But the GOP is all white and here’s the study to prove it:
    That said, he could have used more elegant phrasing, I agree. But what’s wrong in calling it how it is? It IS the party of exclusion, division, and white privilege — and increasingly the party of Christian extremism. Repubs attach the word “elite” to “liberal” precisely to deflect the spotlight off themselves. They are the elite and they intend to keep it that way. Goodness, what Dean said was so BLAND. And this cry of partisanship! and division! from Dems is unreal. Meanwhile the party of partisanship, division, corruption, and obstruction marches on to bigger victories every passing year.
    Bolton? A puppet on a stick.

  • Phredd

    Dean didn’t say that “the majority of Republicans don’t work for a living.”
    He said:
    “It is as if the Republican leadership never [had] to work a day in their lives.”
    in the context of
    Dean: Sure. Well- well- I guess my job is to outrage the Republicans these days. Harry Truman as you well know was one told by a campaign supporter “Give ‘em hell, Harry.” and he replied “Well I don’t give ‘em hell. I just tell them the truth and Republicans think it’s hell.” Here’s a group of Republican leaders who think they are appealing to working people. They don’t want a minimum wage increase. They’re cutting police people off the beat. They’re attacking Social Security. And now it’s come out that people’s private pensions are in trouble under this administration. Tell me what the Republican leadership has in common with ordinary working people. It is as if the Republican leadership never hard to work a day in their lives. What possible understanding could they have of what a working person in this country has to go through if they are against everything that’s good for working people.
    Blitzer: But there are millions and millions of Republicans- more than 50 million of them voted for President Bush’s re-election. Are you saying that all of these Republicans they don’t have to work for a living?
    Dean: No. No. No. We don’t go after voters. Voters are the ones that pay our salary, no matter if whether they agree with us or not. But we do go after bad leadership. And the Republican’s have run up the largest deficits in the history of the country. They’re attacking Social Security.
    We’d all be better off if smart people didn’t regurgitate Republican talking points, however inadvertantly. You can always look up the transcript.

  • Phredd

    Here’s a link to the CNN transcript for my previous post:
    Read for yourself what Dean really said. It was a tough interview, Blitzer was very belligerant.

  • George Myers, Jr.

    Again, it’s about New York in a way. The U.N. is there and the people who made the Capitol Dome, the second one, (Abe Lincoln thought this one a unifier not a divider, perhaps. The “first” one was said to be an ugly “hat box”) Janes and Kirtland, were last in business, with an office in the South Street Seaport, making the ubiquitous steel kitchen cabinets, an industry “Wedtech” and Republican “economic zones” keep projecting they’ll replace with jobs there. Still bugging me was the governmet removing all the imported looms 30 years back for being “foreign” in the South Bronx, where the Capitol Dome was forged. It was assembled by them for the People for a little over $1 million. I brought up so that leadership might look at it from another angle, they rebuilt the Library of Congress in 1850’s, of iron, after it burnt down, that was their “foot in the door”. How is Bolton a “foot in the door” at the U.N.? Seems he might be more of a slamming door.

  • The BAG

    I just x-ed out the problematic Dean line.
    I usually take more time composing a post than I did this one. Really, my intention was purely to look at the dynamics of this excellent Bolton attack image. I didn’t realize till after some the reactions came back that my reference to Dean was not clearly articulated — in fact, not articulated at all. What I was trying to do was simply draw a contrast between Dean’s character and Bolton’s. The right wing seems intent on drawing a stilted, 2-D (or, one could say, black-and-white) picture of Dean as a guy who is very rigid and angry. In other words, they want to suggest that he has a personality similar to Bolton’s. The point I had in mind but completely failed to get across was the fact that Dean, in direct contrast to Bolton, is not severe, but is in fact, freewheeling, expressive and “colorful.” Along those lines, the comments we are (unfortunately) debating among ourselves are a product of that personality. As a shrink, though, I appreciate as much as anyone else that Dean– as a freewheeling figure — is going to have this effect. (So, maybe I got a little shaken up, not realizing that this a desired outcome for us now.)
    So, let Dean be Dean, and I will refrain — going forward — from confusing “dumb” with “uninhibited.” As I said above, I am a huge Dean fan. In contrast to the painfully self-conscious Democratic leadership, I say to Dean: Shoot away. (Even if some of the shooting is from the hip.)

  • Annoying Old Guy

    I went and read the transcript and it supports the Republican talking point. The actual Dean quote doesn’t come from that interview but from a previous public speaking engagement, which is quoted in the interview and does not contain the word “leadership”. Read the part between the “BEGIN VIDEO CLIP” and “END VIDEO CLIP” – that’s the source of the quote. Also one should note that the interview is about the quote, and therefore couldn’t be the source of the quote.

  • Joe

    PHRED, thank you very much for the Dean quotes! Annoying old guy, I figger it is close enough to the truth to fly against ANYTHING I have heard come out of a Republican’s mouth in quite some time…fuck ‘em, down the sewer with the lot!

  • Phredd

    AOG, Post the alleged transcript or STFU. You are, as always, talking out your ass.

  • Joseph E. Riehl

    Thanks and plenty of good cheer to the BAG. You’re a mensch.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    Phredd, I quoted the transcipt you posted. I even pointed out the precise section of the CNN transcript you posted. Do you not even read your own sources? But in case you really are incapable of reading your own comments, here’s the link I got from your comment:

  • Phredd

    I say again, post the link and transcript for that selective, out-of-context portion of a sentence that Blitzer showed, and describe the circumstances.

  • Phredd

    “I supports the Republican talking point.”
    -Annoying Old Guy

  • Annoying Old Guy

    If CNN isn’t a reliable source, why are you using them as evidence? Or are they reliable when and only when they agree with your point of view?
    I note that you can’t provide a link or transcript supporting your claim as to the meaning or context of the original Dean statement, but only to Dean clarifying his remark. I’ve based everything I’ve written here about Dean on evidence you provided, evidence that supports the Republican claim. Rather than spinning conspiracy theories and misquoting people yourself, you might provide better evidence or at least stop using sources you don’t think are accurate. It really doesn’t add to your credibility to react with hostility to people who take the time to read through your links.

  • Maureen

    Am I the only one who saw Bolton’s face in black and white and thought “1984″? Granted, it’s not the most appropriate reference, but it’s the one that jumped out at me.

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