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May 12, 2005

Palms Away!


Of course, the latest Economist cover couldn’t be more loaded — starting with the incendiary headline.  (As usual, I invite you to help diffuse it.) 

If you scan the editorial, it sounds like what really might be returning is the post 9/11 U.S. – European split.  Wasn’t it just a week ago that this magazine was head over heels in love?  Seven days later, it seems passions have taken a decided turn.  Putting on my shrink hat for a moment (a headdress that couldn’t be more fitting for such a display), I read the blast as a metaphor for hostility.  Apparently, what has TE stoked up is the impression that Bush and the U.S. have single handedly screwed up the global terrorism campaign.  (Reinforcing the ill will, that smug smile lends just the perfect touch of editorial sadism.)

Loose cannon that I am, I also looked at this cover from a more oblique angle.  Here’s what came up:

This must be the biggest guy who ever lived.

These people can handle an awful lot of heat and still not get burned.

Apparently, you can blow up one of these things without it getting out of hand.


(image: The Economist cover.  May 12, 2005)

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