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April 6, 2005

Your Turn: See Me, Feel Me, Cell Me


I was interested in your analysis of this photo in this morning’s NYT. 

It makes a wide sweep of many subjects, including British politics and Blair’s standing; the psychology of Blair; the current art of campaigning; the current intersection of politics and technology; the current intersection of technology and culture; the current state of the English sailing academy; and yes, even the weather in Dorset.

More specific to the image, though, it sets up a curious relationship between subject and viewer (of which, there might be many of each).  Just one impression I had:  You probably couldn’t  blame someone for looking at this and feeling they were getting the brush off. 

So you have a little more to go on, here’s the article link, headline (Blair Calls May Election as His Party Slips in Polls), and caption:

Prime Minister Tony Blair taking a photograph of himself on a mobile phone on a visit to a sailing academy in Dorset, in southwest England, yesterday. The visit was his first campaign appearance in elections set for May.

(image: pool photo/Stefan Rousseau in The New York Times)

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