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March 30, 2005

The Window

Capt.Rom20403301417.Vatican Pope Rom204

I was speaking yesterday of the Pope’s dignity in the face of death.  I was speaking of the eloquence of his communication in the absence of speech.  I alluded (through the link to a NYT Week In Review piece on Sunday) to the possible irony — given the Schiavo case — of Karol Wojtyla going on a feeding tube.  And, simply as metaphor, I spoke of the Pope having a window right now to provide us something vital.

As dedicated as I am to the analysis of news photos, I don’t think this image gracing today’s newswire begs much interpretation.  I just find it moving.  The eyes seeking our eyes just inside the shadow.  The partial face, set in unending blackness, barely holding its own above the otherwise-wordly rich crimson bunting.  And that curtain.  So white, and so receptive to the breeze.  Like someone ready to set sail. 

(image /Pier Paolo Cito/AP in YahooNews)

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