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January 16, 2005

Your Turn: Seeing and Buying

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Since I’ve been looking into Arnold recently, I thought some of you might want to get in on the action. 

This shot ran on Yahoo News the same day they ran photos of his helicopter ride to survey storm damage near Los Angeles.  This picture was taken in Tokyo in November.  The caption had no other information except to say that Schwarzenegger announced he would be returning to Asia again in March.

How would you read this picture?

(image: AFP/Kazuhiro Nogi in Yahoo News)

  • BM

    Well his sunglasses arent reflecting the crowd, they reflect something better than the masses. no people!
    everyone is taking pictures of him with their mobile phones… the image of arnold is more important than what he has to say.

  • Barak

    “Buy California” is kind of a scary motto considering the current trade deficit.

  • donna

    Ahnuld saw Cahlufohnia, Ahnuld bought Cahlufonia…

  • jr

    This is what happens when movie stars (note I didn’t say ‘actors’) decide they are qualified for public office; their entire political careers are nothing more than PR events and photo-ops. The reality of the political environment in your country today is that flash over substance is the mantra which celebrates the triumph of illusion and deception over reality and truth. Soundbites and empty sloganeering can win elections, but they don’t say much for the depth or decency of the candidate.
    Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make all powerful.
    Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make proud.
    Ancient Greek sayings.

  • Just Some Liberal Cynic

    It’s interesting that this photo fits a pattern noticed in many other Yahoo photos; apparently a years-long bias for…well…big heads.

  • jillian

    I’m thinking I want to return the merchandise for my money back…no store credit.

  • Oli Garky

    I might be deeply mislead, but here is how I see it.
    The Arnold picture in the background (with the sunglasses) terribly reminds me of the terminator. Whatever may it be the “good” or “bad” terminator, it’s still a machine that was designed solely to kill and destroy. The urban (Golden Gate Bridge) and farm environment depicted on his sunglasses suggest that the terminator is coming to take “care” of them.
    Given the terminator’s past, it might be quite a bad thing.
    Additionally, for some reason the logo “See California, Buy California” sounds a bit like “See California? Buy it”. Like if California itself was a product… (It might as well be with Arnold’s plans to privatize every government service).
    Why didn’t they use “Buy Californian”?
    Finally, the paramilitary/police-style jacket Arnold is wearing adds a “law enforcement” touch to the whole picture

  • jr

    The guy’s a freaking cartoon; but I loved him in Hercules in New York.

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