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January 3, 2005

Looking Up to the West


With its literal and symbolic reference to higher powers, I can only imagine how straight forward this kind of image must be to Bush’s religious fundamentalist, as well as his neoconservative support. 

But, what is the message? 

Is it suggesting that the West (assuming the helicopter is British) is the natural savior against the forces of nature?  (If so, why are we so inconsistent?) 

And, if we are a savior, where are we deriving our authority?  Are we acting as Christian agents, hoping to deliver those that appear alien from us from what must be non-redemptive beliefs? (In this case then, the two women must be appealing both to and beyond the helicopter.)  Are we acting as agents of modernity (doing something about those barefeet)?  Or, considering the neocons, does that higher authority simply begin and end with the helicopter? 

(image: AP/Gurinder Osan in Yahoo News)

  • Alex

    The helicopter looks like an Alouette of the Indian Navy. Why assume it’s western?

  • Annoying Old Guy


    I would have made the same assumption because it has “NAVY” written on it and what appears to be the Royal Air Force insignia.

    This is more what I would have expected the markings on an Indian Naval Aviation Chetak/Alloute III to look like. Note the script and if you look close, you can see that the insignia is done in Indian national colors, not RAF colors.

    Oddly, though, it seems that while the Indian Air force uses a distinctive marking, almost all of the images I could find of Indian Naval Aviation weren’t clear enough to distinguish (although in the picture at the bottom of this page it definitely looks like RAF colors). The picture in the post is definitely not an Indian Coast Guard insignia, but it does look very similar to this picture of a Chetak/Alloute III, including the “NAVY” text.

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