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January 21, 2005

Inauguration Coverage: Washington Fireworks

Whether it’s Washington in ‘05 or Baghdad in ‘03, this administration sure has a penchant for explosives.

 Us.Yimg.Com P Rids 20050120 I R1673237516      03321183714 Shock4300 

 Us.Yimg.Com P Rids 20050119 I R2119535216      03321183659 Shock3300

 Us.Yimg.Com P Rids 20050120 I R1337510274       Img 0,1020,252254,00

 Us.Yimg.Com P Rids 20050120 I R3240716116      03321183746 Shock8300

 Us.Yimg.Com P Rids 20050120 I R840271155      03321183546 Shock7300

(image 1: REUTERS/Molly Riley (1/20/05); image 2: CNN via  (1/24/2003); image 3: REUTERS/Jason Reed (1/20/05); image 4: CNN via (1/24/2003); image 5: REUTERS/Molly Riley (1/20/05); image 6: AP/ABU-DHABI TV (1/24/2003); image 7: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (1/20/05); image 8: CNN via (1/24/2003); image 9: REUTERS/Molly Riley (1/20/05); image 10: CNN via (1/24/2003))

  • Andrew

    Excellent post. =)

  • Bailey

    awesome, Mike.

  • jr

    Oh man; keep on rocking in the ‘free’ world.

  • photopolitique

    DC Forced to Pay for Inauguration Security

    It does not really bother me that the Bushies held a lavish $40 million inauguration, after all, it was paid for by private contributers. It is tacky and obscene to hold a lavish party while troops are fighting in Iraq without enough armor, but they h…

  • Mark

    I love your site, am a very liberal person, and seeing Bush sworn in yesterday made me physically ill – BUT – this is a cheap shot and silly. You could have replaced the left side of photos with pictures from Disneyworld on any given night and had the same visual effect. I get your point here but – kind of lame I think. JMO

  • Michael Shaw

    Well, drawing an analogy between Disneyworld and the White House is interesting….

  • Mark

    Superficially sure and a greater comedic mind than mine could run that.
    but, c’mon…..this set of images is just silly.

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