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January 12, 2005

Hail for the Chief


  Some might say the young men and women of the armed forces have been standing in for Dubya since the first inauguration.  Hey, wake up Poppy Bush!

(caption: ” Inauguration staff serve as stand-ins for the Bush family during a rehearsal on Capitol Hill.”  image: Jahi Chikwendiu in The Washington Post)

  • Barak

    I love that you can see that all four are playing their parts! W’s expression says, “Hey look! I’m the president!” Laura looks cold (literally) and detatched. Poppy’s futzing with his hearing aid or waking up or something. Barbara is the only one of the four that ever really looks comfortable in her own skin.

  • Michael Shaw

    I couldn’t tell if the “typecasting” took place when they handed out the cards, it’s just incidental, or maybe it’s too easy to project those characteristics on these soldiers.

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