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January 26, 2005

Bush At The Barber


(click for larger version)

There are a number of things I find interesting about this photo (from a NYTimes Inauguration slide show).

I find it interesting that the people in the shop (who, in reality, are in the foreground), have been displaced to the background by the president.

I find it interesting that, from the way we read, Bush comes first (top right), while the working folks, as might be expected, end up on the bottom right.

I find it interesting that the piping below the television suggests that Bush has an on-off switch.

I find it interesting that the woman haircutter is trapped in the mirror out of sight of her children (in the picture frame).

I find it interesting that Bush stands between the people in the shop and the outside world.

I find the expression on the women haircutter’s face interesting.  I am also interested in the fact that her arm gesture mirrors Bush’s arm gesture — except that he’s making more promises, and she looks ready to throw something.

I find it interesting that, around Bush, everything is black and white. 

What do you pick up?

(image: Gregory Bull/AP in NYTimes Inauguration slide show)

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