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November 3, 2004

From the Cruel to the Unusual


Okay, turning to the Senate, we now have a whole crop of Republicans who are either certifiably crazy — or who hold such hateful or prejudiced views that they might as well be.

In Kentucky, we have Jim Bunning, who has been experiencing paranoid delusions. Mr. Bunning recently mistook his opponent, Daniel Mongiardo, for one of Saddam Hussein’s sons, and also accused Mongiardo of beating up his wife. (Even nuttier, though, is the fact he doesn’t read the papers and stays informed exclusively through Fox News.)

Then, there is Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who assumes that being the daughter of the previous senator makes her qualified to succeed him.

In Florida, Mel Martinez –who opposes abortion rights and minimum wage increases–accused one of his primary opponents of siding with “the radical homosexual lobby.”

Jim DeMint, in South Carolina, feels that gays and unmarried pregnant women shouldn’t be allowed to teach in a classroom. DeMint, by the way, is in favor of outlawing abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

Finally, new Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn performed sterilizations on women without their consent, and thinks blacks are genetically inferior. He calls treaties between the U.S. and Indian nations “a joke”, complains about “rampant” lesbianism in Oklahoma public schools, and advocates the death penalty for doctors who perform abortions.

Welcome to Bush World!

  • bosco

    Might wanna check on the last one…Carson was the Dem, defeated by Coburn.

  • Bolo

    I think you’re off on that Carson one:
    He’s actually a Native American. Did you mean Coburn?

  • Annoying Old Guy

    Your charge against Murkowski is pretty weak for a party that has the Kennedys, or for someone who lives in Illinois with the Daleys and the Madigans.

    I also like how you ascribe so much power to President Bush, that there is apparently no federal election for which he is not directly and personally responsible. I guess it’s just not possible for the peasants to nominate and vote for these people without Bush’s specific control.

    But, if you want to complain about stupid things from the national Republican party, maybe you should look at how the Republican National Congressional Committee was trying to legally silence some talk radio hosts. Oh wait – the Democratic Party supports that kind of “campaign finance reform”. Never mind!

  • Amy D.

    Yeah, Tom Coburn’s the right-wing crazy. Carson was the “Democrat” we had as an option. *sigh*

  • mongo

    Carson, Coburn. Remind me again who won?

  • Barak

    And how about that Obama guy. There’s a nutjob if I’ve ever seen one!

  • Annoying Old Guy

    Ah, but he speaks well and plays well to the current middle of the political spectrum. Obama’s got a bright future ahead of him. Check him out ten years from now – he’ll be playing in the big leagues.

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