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November 3, 2004

About Face: 2004 Election Final

I have only two words to say: 
Civil Disobedience.

  • jillian

    We are so f*****d. So f*******d.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    It’s interesting how unwilling members of the Democratic Party such as yourself are to accept the results of democracy, especially after all of the ranting last time about popular vote totals. It’s one thing to play lawyer games with Ohio, quite another to openly call for the rejection of results of the voter’s preference.

  • Victor

    To Annoying Old Guy:
    From my point of view, at least this election is legitimate. I think the writer of this blog at least has that as consolation. What we Democrats are trying to come to terms with is how anybody could support Bush after all the shit he weaseled by us.
    We’re not happy with the results, but the people made the call, and this is what we have: 4 more years of Bush screwing us in the bum.

  • badger3k

    Yep. I still can’t figure out how people can actually buy the BS that Bush has morals. I guess it’s the fact that morals don’t equate with humanity. You can be “moral” and be totally self-centered and hypocritical, and that is what I see in a lot of people. That, and many people don’t want to think, just feel safe, and Bush acts like a Daddy – “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe, just don’t question anything”. I live in Texas, and from seeing him as Governor, I can’t figure out how anyone can trust him (a man who worries about a group of cells, but gleefully laughs when he puts people to death, has a strange concept of morality).

  • Annoying Old Guy


    Where to start? You define the terms of the debate in your own context laden terms and then wonder why others don’t see it the same way. You call it “a clump of cells” while from the point of view of much of America it is a baby. So, in their view, Bush is worrying about protecting babies, which is normally considered quite moral. On the flip side, the use of the term “people” against obscures the viewpoint of others, in which those executed are not just “people” but vicious criminals who have transgressed the bounds of society and constitute a clear and present danger to members of that society. You may not agree, but if you refuse to even consider how others may see things, you won’t ever understand their point of view.

    As for Bush’s view of morality being strange, that’s clearly false given that he got a majority of the vote. Again, you may not like it but it’s clearly a normal / common point of view in this country.

    For me personally, it’s not so much of trusting Bush as despising Senator Kerry. To complete the mirror, I can’t understand why anyone would vote for Kerry. When I think of Kerry, I think of a man who made his career by siding with the enemies of the USA, parroting their propaganda to slander our troops for his own political gain. Voting for him would be like voting for Tokyo Rose or Lord Haw-Haw. It’s not his dissent or disagreement, it’s the massive, slanderous lies he told and that he consistently sided with the forces of oppression and tyranny (such as the North Vietnamese) against his own country. On this scale Bush’s prevarications are pecadillos. I doubt you agree, but that’s how I see it.

  • Fran R.

    I don’t know about other Democrats, but this Democrat intends to keep fighting the Bush propogsnda machine for the next four years Im angry at all the mud the Swift Boaters and other warped veterans heaped on John Kerry. I will not forget and intend to keep reminding voters that they have done more damage to our country than any group since the Civil War. We must start prepaing for 2008 NOW.

  • Himmel

    Hey Old Guy, hows that lockstep jig coming along?

  • Annoying Old Guy

    I like being in lockstep with reality. You might consider it as well, unless you’re enjoying your fantasy world too much.

  • Himmel

    Reality leads us to the solidly scientific conclusion that black text on a white background offers the greatest degree of legibility. Your nicks linked website’s got that form of ‘reality’ ass backward. How telling. You fumble even the basics.
    Keep dancing – we all enjoy your little jigs.

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