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October 11, 2004

Times Still At It? (Sunday edition)


Really, I’m just stupified at this point by the Times’ photo coverage of John Kerry. After all the business with Daniel Okrent and Jackson Pollock, here’s the latest set of images of the two candidates.

This time, we have George Bush hand in hand with his idolizing wife, Laura Bush, in front of another idolizing crowd, while the first couple casts those BIG, looong, imposing shadows. The Times ran both of these images on page A27 of Sunday’s edition (with the Bush shot at the top of the article again, of course.) Because the Times only ran the Bush photo in the on-line version, however, I had to improvise with my Nikon to bring you the Kerry shot. (Got to get that scanner!)

And again, we have another typical Kerry “shoot down”:

He’s infinitesimally small (smaller than an apple!);

He’s talking to an invisible crowd;

He’s about to get covered up by a hanging piece of paper;

…And he’s overshadowed by the only other person in the shot — some security guy who got his picture taken with the candidate only because he had to.

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