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October 4, 2004

More Bush Minus the Cue Cards


Here’s still another video clip on the Bush Debate performance. It appears on a site called howbushdidit. It probably runs about 5 minutes.

At first, you think it’s a parody–like the DNC clip. However, it just keeps getting more painful and revealing. In most pieces like this, the editing colors the content to such a degree that you’re left with more of a sense of the editor than the subject. Why I posted this, however (at the risk of debate overkill, at this point), is because of its unusual restraint. I’ve seen it a couple times, and I think ( in contrast to the mocking tone of the DNC’s effort, and at least a half dozen other things I also looked at) that this video lets Bush hang himself.

View the clip at here.


  • Seeing the Forest

    PAINFUL Bush Video

    BAGnewsNotes: More Bush Minus the Cue Cards. Others are funny, but it’s just painful to watch this one. Moolaahs. Uh, uh, uh, blink blink blink.

  • Eli

    That’s Bush… working 24/7. 24 days a month 7 months a year.

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