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October 18, 2004

Draft THIS!



You might have seen this already.

If not, check out Ohio Representative Tim Ryan’s comments on the House floor before a vote to restore the military draft. The consensus view is that this is the kind of guy / passion / language the Dems need more of.

Link here.

(source: nobushin04)
(thanks: Lindsey)

  • Annoying Old Guy

    What, exactly, was disingenious about it? They were voting, after all, on a bill sponsored by a member of the Democratic Party. And despite the results, the Kerry campaign continues to push the bogus claim.

    A draft is not going to happen, the entire issue is completely fabricated by the Democratic Party (in some cases specifically to impede the President’s foreign policy). It’s quite bold for someone backing Senator Kerry to call a Republican effort to put such a bogus issue to rest “disingenous”.

  • cinematic::rain


    I made another internet find… Bagnews is a funny website that analyzes the kind of photo coverage that Kerry gets Vs what G-Dub gets in the same newspapers, usually. scroll back for a while to note the appalling bias in coverage. some may call this …

  • G

    Republic sponsored? actually the bill was introduced by a democrat Rep. Charles Rangel(D) from New York. Its democrats who want the draft.
    If you look in the caption underneath it says that Rumsfeld opposes the draft.
    Here’s a link:

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