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October 8, 2004

A Weekend Off From the Internets

Unless I am suddenly overwhelmed –in the next 36 hours — by the compulsion to BAG on the debate, I’ll be back on Monday.

(By the way, what’s this “internets” thing Bush was referring to?)

  • liminal

    He’s obviously referring to arpanet used by ncp and also probably including the fact the switch to tcp/ip meant a whole lot. Because the man means a lot more than he says.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    He may have meant the Chinese vs. Saudi vs. everyone else Internets.

  • yeahright

    Or, possibly, he really is as dumb as he presents himself, again and again. I’d wager that if you get through school based on how much money your parents and grandparents have given to the institutions you’ve attended, that the resulting education might just be lacking. A bit like the amount of credibilty you have while wearing a flight suit, when the last time it was hung in the closet was when you went AWOL.

  • tina

    i haven’t heard anyone comment on the fact that he said “kennedy” when he clearly meant kerry! god help us! thx.

  • BAGnews

    I must have missed that. I didn’t think he knew about Kennedy.

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