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October 25, 2004

A Show of Hands


You’ve got to be pretty dim to have your hands all over a colleague in direct view of the fixed angle C-SPAN camera in the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to dKos, two freshman Republican members proved to be that unconscious. Not surprisingly, the woman on the right is none other than Katherine Harris of Florida. Apparently, she couldn’t tolerate being left out of the Presidential campaign this time around. Her friend is carpetbagger Rick Renzi of Arizona (by way of Virginia) who used plenty of his own cash to help secure his election. Both congresspersons are married, and Renzi has 12 children.

Watch the C-SPAN footage (here), although there may be some problems because of all the traffic.

(video: via dkos)

  • Aaron Chioino

    Looks like two friends talking… what’s the big deal? Do we live in Saudi Arabia? Two people can’t have a friendly chat? Quit distracting me with these silly tid bits. Let’s get a bit more focused. Next thing you know, you’ll want to impeach a president for a “blow-job”. Lighten up dopey.

  • RedSoxKangaroo

    Agreed. No hands all over anyone – she’s got her hand on his arm. Looks like she might be invading his personal space, but he seems to be enjoying it…sure, there’s a flirtatious overtone here, but no smoking gun.

  • pamphleteer

    I have to disagree with RedSoxKangaroo. Whatever Kathleen Harris was doing, I don’t think he’s enjoying anything. In the video, he was pulling about as far away from her as you would anyone without actually telling the person to give you some space. I share the visceral dislike for Harris but an innocent explanation of what was going on in the video is that Harris, seeing that a speak was at the podium, was speaking to a colleague discreetly (much too close, if you go by his body language) but probably nothing dirty going on.
    That said, at 14 children, the guy ought to be locked up as a menace to society.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    Uh, is it not possible to disagree with someone without boosting the tale of his perfidity? According to the article, he has 12 children, not 14.

    As for your putatively substantive point, when the US population starts reproducing at over the replacement rate, you might have a valid complaint. Otherwise, you’re just being snarky.

  • pamphleteer

    My “putatively substantive point” is that the world’s resources — of which humans, especially those of us in the western hemisphere, consume far too much of — are not infinite. Even at 12 offspring, the guy should have exercised a tad more self control. That’s all I’m saying.

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