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September 9, 2004

“W” is (Almost the Middle of) My Middle Name

I suppose I was about seven months premature on this story.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    Thanks for the further evidence of the Kerry campaign meltdown. Even if true, it’s pretty thin gruel for the campaign. However, it looks strongly like the documents are badly made forgeries. It’s probably another 2-3% for Bush. On behalf of Right Wing Death Beasts all over the country, I thank you for flogging this story.

  • EruditeMiddleAgePerson

    Ok, I’m not so erudite, but I don’t have to be given your mishandling of reality, Annoying Old Guy.
    Actually, you’re flogging the story. You’re attacking it. Surely you understand your own position – no?
    Well, simple things aside, America is a young country, and we’ve been taken advantage of badly. By enemies, spies, and our own cultural ignorance. We are squandering through war what the Greatest Generation paid for with blood.
    We need to stop throwing goodlives after bad, stop lying about it, and elect John Kerry. Further, we need to attempt regional/global security by investing in the middle east.
    We are very fortunate to have moderates in Syria and Egypt – in realistic, relative terms that is what they are: moderate allies.
    Israel needs water. Iraq has it. The wolrd needs oil, Iraq has it. Iraq needs peace, justice and few billions dollars – they should get it.
    Then we can pray for their forgiveness.

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