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September 26, 2004

Bush/Satan ‘04! (Or, three recommendations for the price of one)

video1 video2 video3

I’m usually more judicious in picking out video clips, but I really couldn’t decide which of these I liked better.

The first ad, ‘Fortunate Son’, from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is the first I’ve seen that (finally!) targets Bush’s military record exclusively from the standpoint of privilege.

I like the second piece, “Ten Cuidado Del Nombre (Beware of the Name) Bush” from the New Democratic Network (NDN) for a couple reasons: Obviously, it’s interesting to see an ad that is vertically cast for a hispanic audience; I think the tune is infectious (the site provides an MP3 download); and it reminds how the music video format lends a softer edge to a hard edged narrative. As well, it suggests that, with a hispanic audience, there’s less pulling of punches.

Finally, I think the Satan piece ( is very confident. I comb through so much parody, and most of it is either not that funny, or more fatally, not that self assured. On first pass, you would think a Bush endorsement from Satan would be a slam dunk idea. However, the concept is so obvious (given Bush’s blind faith), the problem of how to execute it does nothing but raise the bar.

Video Clip One: DNC’s Fortunate Son
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Video Clip Two: NDN’s Ten Cuidado Del Nombre (Beware of the Name) Bush
Video page here

Video Three: Satan For Bush
.mov file here

(clip 1 & 2 source:
(clip 3 source;

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